From Manhattan

Manhattan Tormentor – Cover Reveal


It’s time to head back to Manhattan for the third Fierro son!
Watch the hot dynamics as Sage can’t help falling for his tormentor, Finn.

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“I’m not gay. I’ve never thought about a guy in that way. And then this fool rocks up in my life and tips my brain upside down. The want drowns me.”

What you need to know about Manhattan Tormentor:

👬 Boys kissing boys.
🚫 Bully-lite.
🔬 Hot for nerd.
🐰 Mouthy sister.
💋Angry kisses.
🕹 Sonic the Hedgehog sexy times ( no fast running hedgehog was abused in the making of this book! )

Series: Book 7 – From Manhattan Series. – Standalone romances.
Genre: New Adult Male/Male Romance.
Trope: ☆Gay for you ☆Bully-Lite ☆Boys kissing boys


Release Date:  August 13,  2020.
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No, hear me out first.
You should know that going in.
Maverick’s aren’t known for being nice.
We’re cutthroat and cruel.
We aim to stand out.
I have a herd who jumps to my every command.
Winning at life, that’s me.
Only it’s not.
Lies are misleading.

He changes me.
Sets fire to my veins and makes me ache.
Smart and unpretentious.
The nerd upends my whole existence and I hate him for that.

I hate him for what he makes me feel.
He’s the first and only guy I’ve been attracted to.
You can forgive me for the callousness I pour over him after that, right?
I have to protect the Maverick legacy.
No blond nerd, hot as he is, can make me different.
Sage Fierro is going to regret the day he put himself on my radar.
All’s fair in love and torment.

I’m not a good guy.
But for him … I think I want to be.

Disclaimer: It’s okay if you hate my Maverick at first, he’s King of the dip$hits and he owns it. But like I learned over time, where there’s hate … there’s also love and passion. Just wait, he’ll knock your off your feet like he did me. – Sage Fierro.

Complete standalone romance with some familiar faces thrown in from previous books.



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