From Manhattan

Teaser Tuesday – Manhattan Tormentor

OMG SO CLOSE to August, babes! And the Fierro countdown is on!!! #TormentMeFinn #TeamFierro




“What the fuck do you want from me?” I husk in his face. I have nothing left to give, yet tempted beyond measure with those lips in grabbing distance.
Sage is a complication I didn’t see coming until it was too late.
I need to shake him off.
There are bigger things to think about.
I give him nothing and expect everything.
“Absolutely nothing. Now move back so I can leave.” He says dry without feeling. It’s as though he’s turned back into the robot I used to watch striding down the hallways, unaffected by humanity.
There’s something about him that pulls me in, makes me say and do things I never would with anyone else.
He’s wrong about falling into other bodies to forget him. No one else exists.
Sage is unforgettable, and every fiber of my being fights against it.
My evil little mind is on fire to take him right here.
Denial is part of being a Maverick.
We deny we’re not a dysfunctional fucking shitshow all the time.
Warm breath sweeps across my face, and his stare is unwavering.
Oh, to be that calm.
I still taste him in my mouth. Feeling how he commands a kiss, fights me for it. His hard body underneath mine. There’s not a single inch of skin that doesn’t want to drag him back into my apartment and start all over again.
Listen to his moans.
His pleading.
The kid likes to beg and curse like nothing else, and it drives me fucking wild.
But I can’t.
I can’t.
It has to stop now.
My teeth clench. My heart hurts. “God, I fucking hate you, Fierro.”
The smile twisting his beautiful face just makes me feel like a bigger prick.
“That’s just it, you wish you did.” The kiss he presses to my cheek comes as a surprise. It burns. “There’s not one thing wrong with you, remember that, Finn.”
When he walks away, I feel it and have to force my feet to stay in place.
It’s done.
I’m pathological because as much as I know it’s right, I still want to drag him back.
Whatever this craziness was between him and me.
It’s done.



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