Taboo Love Duet

♡Today’s love doesn’t always have to look like yesterday’s love ♡

Both are available in e-book and paperback

Falling in love with your best friend is so cliché and old as time.
I’m just a southern girl in New York.
I never imagined I’d meet my soulmate.
And not a big deal like Noah Fierro. He’s the classic type A personality with a side order of brusqueness. Far too handsome and a magnetism I was swept up in.
And … we’re both into guys.
Curve ball, right? Tell me about it. I was crushed.
But he’s my person. My bestie.
And I need to ditch my enormous crush for good.
What if a friendship is so consuming it supersedes conventionality?
We have love. But will my heart be broken?
I’m Sena Black and is he … Straight-for-me?


Love is blind.
And the universe hates me.
Serious fricking hate.
To catch you up; Southern girl falls for extremely wealthy and gorgeous gay.
We became besties.
Then in an epic plot twist my gay… caught feelings for me.
Unbelievable, right?
I should have known I was deluding myself.
Now I’m left broken.
Only, Noah tells me it wasn’t a lie.
Can I believe the happily ever after he promises?
It’s not only me to convince … but everyone else.
I’m Sena Black and is he still …. Straight-for-me?