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Manhattan Tormentor – Available Now

★.•°★°•.Hot New MM Romance Release.•°★°•.★

It’s time for the third Fierro son!
Are you ready to fall in love with Sage and in hate with Finn?

I hope you enjoy Sage Fierro’s story, loves. And I hope you fall head over heels with the villain of the book, just like he did.
You can grab it on e-book, paperback and in KU right now.
Standalone Romance.
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“I need him with a ferocity that crosses the line of decency.
If there’s a beginning and an end to love, then he’s all for me.”


What you can expect about Manhattan Tormentor:
👬 Furious kissing and lots of hair tugging.
🚫 Bully-lite.
🔬 Hot for nerd.
🐰 Mouthy sister.
🦁An angry lion.
🕹 Sonic the Hedgehog sexy times ( no fast running hedgehog was abused in the making of this book! )

Series: Book 7 – From Manhattan Series. – Standalone romances.
Genre: New Adult Male/Male Romance.
Trope: | Bully-lite | Gay-for-You | Horny hair tugging |

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Manhattan Tormentor – Exclusive first Chapter

Only two FIERRO sleeps to go!!


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The crazy shit is happening again.

That thing where my blood boils beneath my skin and my heart pounds as though it’s going to burst out of my chest.

Not a heart attack. I might prefer that to knowing what it really is.

My reaction to him.

I see his face in angles and lines.

The sharp chin and floppy light blond hair falling into his brightest blue eyes.

I hate how I notice the lengthy frame of his body and the way his hands hold those notebooks he’s always carrying.

He’s a nerd and dresses as one. Jeans with slashes in both knees, a comic book t-shirt under a dark hoodie and a pair of Timberland boots on his feet. The kid needs to drag himself back from the 90s. The oldie decade is dead. I’d roll my eyes if they weren’t squinting aversion.


He’s always so unaware in his own surroundings.

It’s reckless in this jungle, where the weak get eaten alive.

I want to know what’s on the nerd’s mind all the time.

What makes his brain so interesting that he can act as though no one else is around him?

He strides the hallways and rarely glances at anyone.

Plenty look at him, and he only looks up from his shitty book when they call out to him.

It’s an oxymoron how he’s a popular nerd.

Everyone loves him, and that means I hate him.

I hate how my belly clenches every time I catch a whiff of apples because that asshat always smells like the fruit.

Does he eat them by the tree load?

Who cares?

I don’t.

I care that he annoys me.

Impossible to work him out. He’s a puzzle I can’t make sense of.

This annoyance started not so long ago.

And the more I see him, the worse it gets.

Resting a shoulder against my locker, my crew bound up to me, and I hardly give any notice to their conversations.

Bates, Sofia, Paris and Preston.

They crave my attention, but I tune them out. Bates will brag about who he banged last weekend. And Sofia will have her ninth, rich bitch third world, problem of the day.

Girls walk by, vying for our interest. I bet they’re wet when Bates throws them a pity wink, but nothing registers in this moment. It’s as if the hallway has cleared of everyone.

My eyes are on him.

With masculine grace, he moves along the hallway.

He chews his pen and I feel it in my chest.

A gnaw.

That is when my anger builds until it burns.

It rages inside me, screaming for an outlet.

How dare this jackass make me wonder and feel.

I’m a star football player, I don’t have deep emotions.

And I don’t give any thought to guys like him, that’s for damn sure.

Not any guy.

His expression is always unguarded.

It’s raw and open, as if I can touch it if I tried to.

Why is that?

Why doesn’t he care what people think about him?

It’s unnatural.

That same tickle I get when he’s near hits my throat again. And I swallow around it as one of my boys throws a ball and I lift my hand in the air to catch it on reflex.

The girls cheer and coo, trying to get closer to my athlete status.

It’s white noise. My eyes focus over their heads as he hits a left, disappearing into the science department.

Little fucking nerd probably going to suck a teacher’s dick for extra credit.

The thought of it sends a shard of…something through me.

Something I ignore.

I always ignore it.

A tick moves my jaw.

Crazy feelings stir inside of my chest and I try not to react.

Instead, I drag my gaze away and let Sofia’s arm curl around my waist. The blonde cheerleader is perky and up for anything, as always.

I need to expunge that little shit Sage Fierro from my mind.

I need to destroy him.

One accidental run in with the kid months ago and he’s ruining my fucking head.

I still feel his hands on my chest so he didn’t meet the floor with his face. I feel mine on his arms, saving him from the fall.

The same growl I had back then gurgles up my throat.

Those deep blue eyes and fucking mouth.

He’d looked up at me, so damn shocked.

I want to destroy him from the ground up.

Make it so he doesn’t exist, so I can stop this…whatever is pounding through my gut.

My father says find an enemy’s weakness and use it against them.

The nerd isn’t so innocent.

He doesn’t know he’s made a nemesis of me.

But he will soon.

The Fierro’s will discover they don’t own everything.

I’ll break him.

And I won’t have to think of those eyes or the burn in my chest ever again.

Copyright© V. Theia 2020.


|Gay for you | Bully-Lite | Horny hair tugging |


From Manhattan

Four Fierro Sleeps

Are you ready to fall in love with Sage and in hate with Finn?

Even if MM romance isn’t your usual flavor, you need to meet Finn and Sage!


Disclaimer: It’s okay if you hate my Maverick at first, he’s King of the dip$hits and he owns it. But like I learned over time, where there’s hate … there’s also love and passion. Just wait, he’ll knock your off your feet like he did me. – Sage Fierro.



From Manhattan

Fall in love with a Fierro brother


Sage and Finn will be here very soon. If you’re new to the Fierro family, now is the time to spend some time with these gorgeous boys.

Manhattan StormKind of sportsball second chance romance. Meet Theo and Bexley:

Manhattan SecretTeacher/Student forbidden romance with a younger, ultra confident hero. Meet Lachlan and Delaney:

Manhattan Tormentor Bully-lite, gay for you romance. Meet Sage and Finn by Pre-ordering their book:



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Teaser Tuesday – Manhattan Tormentor

OMG SO CLOSE to August, babes! And the Fierro countdown is on!!! #TormentMeFinn #TeamFierro




“What the fuck do you want from me?” I husk in his face. I have nothing left to give, yet tempted beyond measure with those lips in grabbing distance.
Sage is a complication I didn’t see coming until it was too late.
I need to shake him off.
There are bigger things to think about.
I give him nothing and expect everything.
“Absolutely nothing. Now move back so I can leave.” He says dry without feeling. It’s as though he’s turned back into the robot I used to watch striding down the hallways, unaffected by humanity.
There’s something about him that pulls me in, makes me say and do things I never would with anyone else.
He’s wrong about falling into other bodies to forget him. No one else exists.
Sage is unforgettable, and every fiber of my being fights against it.
My evil little mind is on fire to take him right here.
Denial is part of being a Maverick.
We deny we’re not a dysfunctional fucking shitshow all the time.
Warm breath sweeps across my face, and his stare is unwavering.
Oh, to be that calm.
I still taste him in my mouth. Feeling how he commands a kiss, fights me for it. His hard body underneath mine. There’s not a single inch of skin that doesn’t want to drag him back into my apartment and start all over again.
Listen to his moans.
His pleading.
The kid likes to beg and curse like nothing else, and it drives me fucking wild.
But I can’t.
I can’t.
It has to stop now.
My teeth clench. My heart hurts. “God, I fucking hate you, Fierro.”
The smile twisting his beautiful face just makes me feel like a bigger prick.
“That’s just it, you wish you did.” The kiss he presses to my cheek comes as a surprise. It burns. “There’s not one thing wrong with you, remember that, Finn.”
When he walks away, I feel it and have to force my feet to stay in place.
It’s done.
I’m pathological because as much as I know it’s right, I still want to drag him back.
Whatever this craziness was between him and me.
It’s done.