The Bikers

Rider and Zara Bonus Scene – The first sex scene I faded to black ( my bad!! it was done deliberately, but some readers wanted to see how it went, so here it is! 🙂  )

Preacher and Ruby catch up

Preacher Man Halloween


Inked with Love – Preacher and Ruby catch up #2

Daddy Prez – Rider and Zara catch up #1

Tracking Estalita – Grinder/Luxe Dylan/Estalita catch up #1 

Pastor Danny Catch up #1 

Preacher – Rooftop Unseen bonus scene – from Tracking Luxe

Hawk’s Valentine Love Letter 

Ajax and Annie – Takes place after Filthy Love

Hellish Hades – I interviewed the bad guy you love to hate for his first year anniversary (not to be taken seriously … for fun purposes only. No Hell minions were harmed in the making of this interview… okay, five were…. )

Grinder and Luxe bonus scene – Takes place after Resurfaced Passion

Christmas 2019 – Reaper and Paige catch up 

Christmas 2019 – Preacher and Ruby catch up

Christmas 2019 – Hawk and Gia catch up

Rider and Zara Valentine – 2020

Hawk and Gia catch up 2021

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Snake and Winter Christmas 2021

Santa Texas – Texas and Penelope Christmas 2021

Saint and Snow – Lawless and Angela Christmas 2022

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