Wielder of the Pen


I bet you thought I was about to serve up some tea, right? I’m totally boring ( and I actually prefer coffee lol ) Who am I? Well, I love reading! I’ve read romances since I was 15 or so. Some days I used to gulp down three Mills and Boons. Oh, I still have a fondness for those more innocent of romances. Not like the filth I write today *ha*

I hoard stuff. If I like it, I get obsessed really easily. I’m an all or nothing girl. it used to be jewelry making, now my overstuffed box is stuck in a cupboard somewhere. Now I’m addicted to wax melts! I don’t count my book collection as hoarding… those babies are essential to life. The dream is to have my very own library one day. Not as big as Belle had in Beauty and the Beast… but not far off.

My other loves include; Wentworth Miller (*fangirl scream*)  action hero movies and sugar.

I write about ever lasting love and gorgeous alpha men sex words, because who doesn’t like that? My goal is always to take two characters and make them work through their flaws and faults and struggles to ultimately find the one meant for them. My romances come sweet, dark, mushy, they’re sometimes taboo and then other times they will be forbidden but there is always a happily ever after. I need that happy at the end or it’s not romance! #RomanceForYourNaughtyNeeds


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