Trope: ☆One-weekend-stand to love ☆Youger hero and single mom

Content Warning: On page talk of death. Explicit sex. Murders ( not concerning the H/h)

Diablo Disciples MC2MC RomanceReno and KylieDecember 8, 2022

Synopsis: Everyone thought Reno was a happy-go-lucky biker. But in truth, the Diablo Disciples MC’s SAA had many personal issues on his shoulders. His co-dependent twin, for one. They’d relied only on each other for years. Now their sadistic older brother was back in their lives to cause trouble for the club. And then a knock-out woman changed Reno’s entire outlook on life. He wanted more. And he selfishly wanted something for himself. A one-weekend hookup tilted his world. Made him greedy for her. Could he be the man to keep her? She was the infamous Utah cleaner. Mysterious, as she was skilled. Whatever the crime, Kylie Torrance could make it disappear. But she had secrets and baggage that meant she rarely formed long-lasting romantic entanglements. Until Reno knocked her socks off with his charming swagger and seducing words. Something intrigued her about the biker that kept her going back for more. It was lust. But could it be love? And when all the secrets came tumbling out, would Kylie be strong enough to fight for their future?