Trope: ☆Bickering to lovers ☆Age-gap

Content Warning: On page violence. Explicit sex. Explosion resulting in serious injury (not concerning the H/h)

Diablo Disciples MC3MC RomanceAxel and ScarlettMarch 30, 2022

Synopsis: HEAVY WAS THE CHEST THAT WORE THE PREZ PATCH. In recent years, the Diablo Disciples MC leader dragged his club out of the hell-hole the former Prez put them in. Now Axel was on top of the food chain in his outlaw world. A single father from seventeen, he’d learned how to work dirty, ruthlessly, and to break the rules to make money. Problems came frequently, but nothing could have prepared Axel for her. A theft brought Scarlett into his club. Homeless, without a thing to her name, their spark was indescribable. Drawn together like destined magnets. But he was too old for the beautiful brat, and he fought against the attraction. He was compelled to keep her. She ignited his empty soul with gasoline. And put them on a path they didn’t anticipate. Scarlett blossomed as the MC ‘hostage’, drawn to be wherever Axel was. But when her suffocating past came to force her back, could she trust the caring and possessive Prez to claim her? LOVE MOTIVATED STUBBORN HEARTS.