Content Warning

Hey, my loves. The MC series focuses predominantly on the romance and couples development and love of one another, but their stories do deal with some difficult topics at times and while these scenes are very minimal I want to give you a heads up. I will list them here, so you aren’t taken by surprise. Triggers are always personal to each individual and no two people are the same so I never want to cause harm or distress if I can help it. I have hopefully tackled each subject with care and consideration and although they are a part of these couples lives, it’s not their whole picture. V. xoxo

Dirty Salvation: It features thoughts/some description of being held in captivity. Knowledge and healing from the trauma of sexual/mental/physical abuse (no on page scenes of sexual abuse) There is violence which includes a fire and a stabbing. Discussion of STDs.

Preacher Man: Very brief description of rape/forced pleasure. PTSD military flashbacks to a traumatic experience. Scenes of child neglect. There is thoughts/talking about grief and loss of a loved one. There is also a voyeuristic scene involving the couple and someone who watches them with consent.

Tracking Luxe: A kidnapped heroine (no harm is brought to her) Murder and physical violence resulting with a character in hospital.

Hades Novella: The only non HEA. Sex trafficking, rape, mental/physical abuse and violence are depicted throughout.

Filthy Love: There is minimal talk about child sexual abuse. A chapter about Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Finally Winter: Stalking from an ex-spouse. Talk of infertility. Sexually submissive scenes. A coming out scene.

Resurfaced Passion: Amnesia. Loss of a baby is spoken about briefly. A deadbeat dad.

Intimately Faithful Novella: Forced marriage (previous) Past history of drug use (not seen on the page)

Indecent Lies: Hostage for cash (no harm) slight murdery scenes on page. A scene where the heroines drink is drugged (no harm comes to her)

Law Maker: Child neglect. Shitty parentals. A lot of freaking murder.

Prince Charming: Illegal immigrant. Dead beat boyfriend/dad (not on page)

Forever Zara Novella: Mention of past abuse/trauma. A little bit of murder.

Veiled Amor: A mention of miscarriage (It’s in one sentence) A deplorable father. Grief.

Blazing Hope: Arson is in alcohol recovery and though his bad times are behind him,
his story touches on details of harder times. Discussion of foster care.

Darling Psycho: Several on-page graphic violence. Brief kidnap on page (no abuse to kidnappee) Stalkery ways (from the hero) Kinky talk. Brief discussion of parental death. Brief mention of child neglect in the past.