Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga series


I always encourage you to read the series in order to better appreciate and attach to these characters. While the romance and story-line between each couple is a standalone in their own book, the overall building arc of the entire biker world is ongoing ( with the antagonists and especially getting to know the side characters who will eventually have their own books )

V. Theia


Reading Order:           Available in e-book and paperback

DirtySalvationCover  1. Dirty Salvation –  Rider and Zara.

PreacherManCover  2. Preacher Man  – Preacher and Ruby.

TrackingLuxeCover 3. Tracking Luxe –  Grinder and Luxe.

HadesCover 3.5 Hades NovellaHades. (this is not a love story. there is no couple. It’s a vignette look into the life he had leading up to his inevitable end.)

FilthyLoveCover 4. Filthy Love Hawk and Gia.

FinallyWinterCover5. Finally WinterSnake and Winter.

mistletoeoutlawscover 5.5 Mistletoe and Outlaws Christmas Novella – ft. the first four couples ( Runs on the same timeline as Finally Winter )

ResurfacedPassionCover6. Resurfaced PassionReaper and Paige.

Book 7Coming 2019


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