Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga series

New Look! Same Dirty Bikers!

I always encourage you to read the series in order to better appreciate and attach to these characters. While the romance and story-line between each couple is a standalone in their own book, the overall building arc of the entire biker world is ongoing ( with the antagonists and especially getting to know the side characters who will eventually have their own books )

V. Theia

Reading Order:           Available in e-book and paperback.

DirtySalvationCover 1. Dirty Salvation –  Rider and Zara.

PreacherManCover 2. Preacher Man  – Preacher and Ruby.

TrackingLuxeCover 3. Tracking Luxe –  Grinder and Luxe.

HadesCover 3.5 Hades NovellaHades. (this is not a love story. there is no couple. It’s a vignette look into the life he had leading up to his inevitable end.)  **If Hades doesn’t interest you, you can totally skip this novella**

FilthyLoveCover 4. Filthy Love Hawk and Gia.

FinallyWinterCover 5. Finally WinterSnake and Winter.

mistletoeoutlawscover  5.5 Mistletoe and Outlaws Christmas Novellaft. the first four couples ( Runs on the same timeline as Finally Winter )

ResurfacedPassionCover 6. Resurfaced PassionReaper and Paige.

IntimatelyFaithfulCover 6.5 Intimately Faithful novellaPastor Danny Murphy and Aoife.

IndecentLiesCover 7 Indecent Lies –  Texas and Penelope.

LawMakerCover 7.5 Law Maker novella – Lawless. (His HEA book is still to come!)

MCboxSet2Renegade Souls MC: 1-3. Volume One

SavageOutlawCover  8 Savage Outlaw The Butcher and Roux.

Biker 9  – Coming December 2020.


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