Trope: ☆Love to hate you ☆Marriage of INconvenience

Content Warning: On page grieving. Torture (not the H or h) Explicit sex. Dub-con sex scene between H and h.

Diablo Disciples MC1MC RomanceChains and MonroeJuly 28, 2022

Synopsis: A past trauma meant Chains closed off from having love in his life.
Happy being the VP of the Diablo Disciples MC, he’d found his tribe in his club brothers. They’d survived storms and battles together. But a business deal turned his world upside down. Monroe was loaned to the Diablo Disciples as collateral for a debt owed to them, and she came to him kicking and screaming. She was the most infuriating, tenacious woman he’d ever met. And also the most beautiful. Wanting only a life free of her criminal father, she was a wildness Chains couldn’t have expected. Their marriage wasn’t meant to be real. But their attachment threaded tightly almost instantly. He ached for her. She hated him. The obligation was only for six months. But a lot could happen when two icy hearts thawed. Will Chains convince his spitfire to take a risk on a biker? She’s a debt. But can Monroe own the VP’s heart, too?