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**November 16 – 17**

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She’s a thief.
And he’s a tracker.

It’s not every day one of those fabled Renegade Souls MC outlaw finds himself on the end of a con.
Grinder is a skilled hunter and he got played by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
What else is he to do, but go on a year long retaliation crusade.

Only, he wants more from Luxe Reyes.
He wants everything.
She’s a swarm of temper and allure and she becomes his obsession.

Criminally minded, Luxe didn’t anticipate being tied and gagged.
It’s not the ideal setting for a budding seduction, not when she wants to punch the face of her handsome captor.

She’s his hostage.
He’s … hers.

They say romance is dead.
The moment Luxe is free she’s going to kill the damn biker.
If she doesn’t kiss him first.
No one ever said you should fall in love with your kidnapper.
They didn’t say you shouldn’t, either.
Disclaimer: Intended for 18+ due to the biker kidnapping his woman, because who hasn’t done that in the name of romance and all the sexy alleyway shenanigans that follows.

Renegade Souls MC

Finally Winter – Blurb and Cover Reveal


Those dirty bikers are back! Are you ready for Snake’s good-girl librarian?

RELEASE DATE: December 6.
Series: Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga.
BOOK 5 – shouldn’t be read out of order.


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Sergeant at Arms and resident joker, Snake was prime example.

He loved the sense of pride the Renegade Souls gave him being bodyguard to his Prez.

And he was never without a punchline. It was his thing.

He loved his kids.

But the missing piece became clear when he saw her.

Could he bring a sweet librarian …a good girl… into his murky lifestyle?

Opposites don’t always attract … unless they explode in unforeseen passion.

His heart was wide open to the snow queen, but could she accept all of him?


Happiness came at a price for Winter Deseille who only wanted to knit, be a little obsessed with Captain America’s rear end and live her life away from oppressive influences.

Enter the sexiest DILF outlaw biker from stage left.

The price was high to fall in love with a biker

Especially when trouble comes from an unsuspecting source.


From Manhattan

Manhattan Sugar – Now Live!


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Hi, babes!

Eep! Another book release and this time from my sweetest hero yet. I hope you fall in love with Gray and India’s story as much as I did. They threw me several surprises while I was writing them. And I hope if you only take one thing away from the story it’s that things do get better. Writing about anxiety and how women in general are made to feel like it’s a silly nonsensical thing and to hide it from everyone was a subject I’d wanted to write about for a while, I just needed the write character and then there was the party girl, who everyone thought had the best life, fun and sex every night and not a care in the world. little did everyone know she was broken inside. This was a personal endeavor for me to write about those emotions people suffer with daily without telling anyone, and I have hope that India’s journey will touch just one person and make her feel relatable and not so alone in their very valid feelings.

Much love and Sugar enjoyment!

V xoxox


young passionate couple able to kiss while standing near the wall

From Manhattan

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“I can be the kind of man you crave. One you can rely on, lean on, expect him to blow your fucking mind open without having to work for it. I’m him, India. You’re all I’ll ever want. Take a chance on an old man. Love me. Feel how I love you. Because I do, India. I love you until my insides boil with it.” – Gray Ellison