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Finally Winter – Now Live!


Grab your dirty biker today!


Here he is, babes! Book five in the Renegade Souls MC series is now live for your enjoyment! I can’t believe we’re on book 5 of the bikers, it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was nervous about Dirty Salvation.

I hope you enjoy Snake and Winter’s story. It was so fun to write about polar opposite characters with an undeniable magnetic pull towards each other and how they grow and experience new delicious things together.

Thank you so much for showing me how you much you love these bikers too. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy Snake and Winter.

Here’s to the next book!

Lots of love and outlaw hugs,



Renegade Souls MC

Finally Winter – Last Day for preorder price


We’re just hours away now from FINALLY WINTER releasing onto kindles! (He’s available right now in paperback …. and it has the secret in the back of which biker is next! )

If you haven’t picked up your pre-order copy yet, there’s a few more hours left with it still priced 1-99!





From Manhattan, Taboo Love Duet

Sale! – Merry Manhattan Christmas

     Merry Manhattan Christmas 


All books within my Manhattan world will be only 0-99 each for the month of December!
If you haven’t met Sena and Noah. Or Gray and India, now is your chance to grab them.
💕Taboo Love Duet:
~~A queer fell in love with a woman, get over it.
~~Man, all the high roads I was taking tonight, it would be a wonder I could reach home at all.
💕From Manhattan series:
~~She was worth every ache and spilled climax over my own fist. I could easily grow addicted to making her fall apart.
 Her fight was stunning, but her surrender was goddamn fire in my gut.
I couldn’t breathe through the exquisite burn. I was making her undulate. It was me making my girl buck underneath me and claw at my sides for me to fuck her.
I wanted to learn all her fantasies, break them in, taste them in the back of my throat, hear them screaming out of her.

Tracking Luxe-Iversary!! FREE BOOK.


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**November 16 – 17**

Love MC Romance? Alpha-heroes? Dirty-talking bikers?

Get the skillful Tracker FREE for one day only!




She’s a thief.
And he’s a tracker.

It’s not every day one of those fabled Renegade Souls MC outlaw finds himself on the end of a con.
Grinder is a skilled hunter and he got played by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
What else is he to do, but go on a year long retaliation crusade.

Only, he wants more from Luxe Reyes.
He wants everything.
She’s a swarm of temper and allure and she becomes his obsession.

Criminally minded, Luxe didn’t anticipate being tied and gagged.
It’s not the ideal setting for a budding seduction, not when she wants to punch the face of her handsome captor.

She’s his hostage.
He’s … hers.

They say romance is dead.
The moment Luxe is free she’s going to kill the damn biker.
If she doesn’t kiss him first.
No one ever said you should fall in love with your kidnapper.
They didn’t say you shouldn’t, either.
Disclaimer: Intended for 18+ due to the biker kidnapping his woman, because who hasn’t done that in the name of romance and all the sexy alleyway shenanigans that follows.