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Hi, babes!

Eep! Another book release and this time from my sweetest hero yet. I hope you fall in love with Gray and India’s story as much as I did. They threw me several surprises while I was writing them. And I hope if you only take one thing away from the story it’s that things do get better. Writing about anxiety and how women in general are made to feel like it’s a silly nonsensical thing and to hide it from everyone was a subject I’d wanted to write about for a while, I just needed the write character and then there was the party girl, who everyone thought had the best life, fun and sex every night and not a care in the world. little did everyone know she was broken inside. This was a personal endeavor for me to write about those emotions people suffer with daily without telling anyone, and I have hope that India’s journey will touch just one person and make her feel relatable and not so alone in their very valid feelings.

Much love and Sugar enjoyment!

V xoxox


young passionate couple able to kiss while standing near the wall

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