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Filthy Love – FREE BOOK!

2 – 6 April.

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Filthy Love, book 4 in the Renegade Souls MC series.
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Some women loved chocolate. Gia loved a sociopath (she also loved chocolate) and she loved him fiercely. Through dark days of rejection. Through months of not talking to him. She loved him. As much as that love had hurt her it was still the most real thing she’d ever felt for a man. Oh, she’d tried many times. Once in her early twenties she’d methodically went on dates every single day for two months to get over her stupid crush, to force her emotions to a better cause.

And every time she’d failed because at the end of the night she was comparing them to Hawk.

Unrequited love was a pain not many women spoke about.

And then Hawk came back into her life.

And Gia was back to full bloom of wanting everything from him.

“Nothing to say about what I want?”

When he looked down at her mouth Gia almost passed out. He had no idea what those eyes of his could make her feel.

He might not be a man of many words, but his eyes spoke volumes.

They whispered dirty, beautiful things and Gia was an expert in listening to them.

“That’s not gonna happen.” His fingers tightened on her hip bones causing a moan to trap in her throat.

“Why not? You must want something for yourself. I don’t believe you’re sexually altruistic, Hawk.”

His forehead screwed up.

He plucked her from his lap, sitting her on the couch and he popped up to his soaring height. Sighing, Gia knew one of his disappearing acts were imminent. If not for his babysitting duties she doubted he’d be here at all.

“Leave it, Gia.”

“No. I want to talk about it. I thought you were being generous at first. I got caught up in how good you made me feel.” Every stern line on his beautiful face tightened.

He wasn’t unaffected. Far from it if his body was a gauge. Why was this an issue? Didn’t all men want sex over everything? She’d heard the bikers joking around years ago of Hawk’s conquests. They ran into triple numbers if rumors believed. Yeah, that small fact tortured her ever since. So, he liked sex. It just appeared not with her…

Chin up, eyes blazing she met his stare head on. No longer intimidated by the harsh biker. Not when he’d shown how he felt. “You want me,” she stated. He remained silent. A tick working his strong jaw. She was somehow comforted by it; she was hitting the right marks.

“I won’t have you,” he replied sharply. “It’s for your own sake.”

He looked ready to jump through the window.

Gia took a second to reorganize her thoughts.

“You want me.” She repeated, “even now, I see your body wants me.” She went on before he could deny that too. “You’re possessive over me, you protect me, you called me your old lady to that Russian. That means something, Hawk.”

His blond head hanging low, hands on his slim hips, he could be mistaken for a statue making himself at home in the middle of her living room with the TV turned to mute and her sweet pea candle burning in the background.

“It’s not gonna happen, Gia. Drop it.” He grated with a rough tone that stroked over her nerve endings.

She scoffed, rolling her eyes. She recognized fear quite easily and he was denying himself for a reason. “You’re wrong.”

The stare pierced her. She felt touched. Between her legs became wet. “Where did you grow these brass balls, little girl, daring to tell me I’m wrong?”  His ice eyes brilliantly lit with exasperation. She nearly moaned, the attraction often came instantly and hit her like a truck.

Heat sizzled. She wanted to kiss him for a decade.

“If I wasn’t brave I’d get nowhere. And you’re fucking wrong. You’ll still be wrong when you can stop glowering at me and admit it.”

“Is that so?” He said it so quietly she shivered. Scratchy thickness in his voice.

Teasing him was so much fun, why hadn’t she done it sooner?

“I’m a sociopath, Gia. You should be pushing me away, not urging me to get into that pristine body of yours.”

A heat started in her chest and quickly spread to the rest of her body. While she recognized his attempt at shooing her away, all it managed to do was turn Gia on.

Her chest rose and fell quickly. A motion he noticed.

“All sociopaths have their weaknesses. Even you. And I think I’m yours, even if you stupidly won’t admit it, you won’t see I’m right here.”

He inhaled hard. “And you know this how?”

“I study. You should crack open a book occasionally. And not Murder weekly.” She quirked a grin at him.


“Says the cranky self-confessed sociopath.”

He threw himself down in the armchair. At least he wasn’t running.

“So, argues the unrealistic little girl with her head in the clouds. You think you can rehabilitate me, little bit of a thing? Throw the savage a slab of meat, see what happens. There’s no rules with a sociopath, didn’t your psychology books tell you that? You stick your head in a lion’s mouth he’s gonna be a fat fucker an hour later.”

“I don’t have desires to rehabilitate you, Hawk. Just share in the same space as you. Maybe date and fuck.” She told him boldly with her heart beating like a damn drum. She’d never spoken so candidly like that to anyone before. But with Hawk being Hawk, she knew the only course of action was a truthful one. To always speak her mind and to never assume he could pick up on her thoughts and emotions. If she was correct and he was on the Asperger’s spectrum then he wouldn’t easily distinguish her bodily cues.

“You know your brother would murder me if he heard you say that.”

“Don’t throw Ambrosio into the talk like you think it will deter me. I’ll call him right now and tell him I’m trying to date your brains out.”

Hawk’s eyes flared, and Gia grinned. Never dare a Marinos. “Want me dead do you?”

“The way you keep brushing me aside, I’m thinking it might be a choice to keep on the table.”

At that he smirked. “Smart girl.”

And then he added.

“This life isn’t for you, Gia. I’m doing it for you. I’m definitely not a man you need around.”

The fine hairs stood up on the back of her nape. Oh, he’d done it now. “So, let’s get this straight, because the excuses keep on rolling in and I think I might need to make a pie chart.” Both Hawk’s eyebrows went up. “First you say you’re not good enough for me. Now it’s the life you lead. What next? Maybe I don’t dress correctly to have a biker boyfriend? —”

“You’re fucking perfect.”

“—or is it I don’t have enough orgy experience? Tell me, Hawk, how many men do I need to fuck to suit you and this life of yours?” She shot out.

Seething and hurt at the same time.

When would she eventually learn?

She was getting tired of fighting both the world around them and Hawk.

Maybe he was showing her glaring clues he didn’t really want her after all.

“Stop right now. Gia.” She found her face grasped in his two hands, bringing her attention to the man towering over her. “Don’t put that fucking word on your tongue, are you hearing me? It’s me who is the piece of shit, me who isn’t good enough. I don’t want to drag you down to my level.”

“MY choice where I go and who I do it with, you don’t get to decide that.” She glanced around, but his thumb stroking her cheekbone brought her back to him. He had so much kept behind his eyes, so much he wouldn’t share with her.

“Don’t you ever get tired of being a sanctimonious jerk? You can pretend and lie to yourself all you want that you don’t want me, but don’t ever decide what is best for me, Hawk. Only I know that. If I want to roll around on the floor stark naked with the entire college football team and then go back for seconds, I will because the last time I checked I was grown-ass woman more than capable to make my own choices of who I fuck and share my body with.”

An almighty rattle came out of that massive chest that quite frankly stunned her silent.

Not fearful exactly, she was always safe with Hawk but man oh man, he was looking like thunder.

“Say that again.” The words dripped from thinned out lips.

Eyes rounded. “W-which part? I said quite a lot, I can’t remember it verbatim.”

“You want to get naked and fuck a lot of someone’s, little bit? Is that what you’re telling me?”

She threw her stubborn chin up, glared at him. “Sure, why not, you don’t want to fuck me, that’s what you said. You get no say thereafter of who I have sex with be it multiple times or with hundreds of men.”

She’d poked the beast and the beast was snarling.

He took an excessive number of deep inhales then lifted his big blond head and hit her with two beams of blue.

“If you thought I was overprotective and possessive before, you have no idea how bad it can get. Are you ready for that?”

No words would come out of her mouth. She blinked.

“You’re giving me an inch, Gia? Think about what you’re doing. I’ll take a fucking mile. You have no idea how goddamn possessive I am over every part of you. Body, mind and fucking soul. Don’t decide something you can’t take back, because the moment it’s made your choices are; me. That’s it. There’s nothing else.”



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