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“Making you happy is going to be my only mission in life. I love the club, my brothers, and the work we do, but you, Lucia, you’re the one who makes me live again. You have no idea what you did by calling me for help. It opened Pandora’s Box. I wanna fucking eat the pleasure out of you. Devour your screams, rock you to sleep and bring you food. Take you on dates, and make sure you feel me in your stomach all day after I’ve fucked you the night before, until I can get home to you and start again. Making my woman feel good, dios. My whole fucking world, you get it now? How hard I’ve locked all this up for years, and now it’s open, and you have to take it, Lucia. You’re going to have to accept me being a wild fucking man for you. It’s the way it will be for a long time. I want to wake every morning with you hulk-pinning me to the bed like you think I might escape.” 

She huffed with amusement, “well, you might, a girl has to make contingency plans.” 

“Never, nena. I’m right where I want to be. I don’t deserve a second chance, but I’m taking it because I’m a selfish prick, and I will use any means I can to make you mine.”

Renegade Souls MC

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Not a standalone – Coming June 24.
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May be an image of 3 people, book and text that says ""I'm used to a diet of dick now, you can't take off and leave me starving." amo RENEGADE ESOULS THEIA RENEGADE amor SOULS MC .THEIA kindle"


“You didn’t come home,” she spoke, not letting her voice shake with her wavering emotions. She was so fucking scared when he didn’t come home. “You can’t do that, Giancarlo. I was worried.”

Another toke of his smoke, blowing it out slowly.

His legs were spread out in front of him. Wearing only worn-in jeans with an open sleeveless, red and black plaid shirt, he was sex itself. His answer was a grunt.

She went for it. “I’m used to a diet of dick now, you can’t take off and leave me starving.”

The joint in Capone’s lips stalled, and she’d bet all her lipsticks she saw his eyes turn to midnight black.

A whole-ass shiver rushed down her spine.

She wouldn’t let him see her jangling nerves.

Not after the deliciously deviant things they’d already done and said to each other.

He might be mad at her, but she saw how he still wanted her.

Breathing heavily, she put her hands on her hips, facing him a few feet away.

“I’m here to be fed.” She told him boldly. “Vamos, Giancarlo.”

Her heart clattered so damn loudly. Could he hear it too?

Nervous and horny was a potent combination.

Midnight eyes slipped down her body, leaving his invisible touch on her skin. When they reached her face again, he toked once more and stubbed the joint out. Capone was on his feet before she realized.

Towering over her, his whole aura wrapped around her in his masculine scent.

Another notch of her heart rate.

Sexy fucking man.

Lucia had to tip her head back to see him, he let his head hang low. She was so close, she saw the vein in his throat fluttering wildly.

She backed up, and Capone followed.

“You want feeding, is that right?”

“Y-yes, I do.”

Daring him to deny her, she was a woman running on no sleep and little coffee, she could take him in a fight with the temper she had brewing in the background. No judge in the land would convict her for crimes of passion.

But what did her gorgeous man say?

“Get on with it then, huh?”

Renegade Souls MC

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Not a standalone.The series is best read in order.

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What you can expect from Veiled Amor:
– Push/Pull frissons.
– A runaway heroine.
– Uh-oh, only one bed, close proximity!
– An angry Kingpin.
– Hot Spanish endearments.
– She’s my brother’s wife but I saw her first.
– Can’t help myself kisses.
– Jealous scowls and claiming kisses.
– Said I Do to one brother but in love with the other brother.
– Not everything is as it seems…
– Biker brotherhood.
– Sandwiches!
– Who’s that cop?

May be an image of one or more people and text that says "Some pangs of hunger never left a man, no matter how much he filled his plate with other things. LUCIA MERCADO, HIS FUCKING FORBIDDEN SISTER-IN-LAW, WOULD REMAIN GNAWING ACHE GUT. VEILED AMOR renegade SOUIS mc"
Renegade Souls MC

Veiled Amor – Cover Reveal

VEILED AMOR drops on June 24!
Capone is going to claim what has always been his.#CaponesTrueAmor

Series: Book 10 – Renegade Souls MC Series. (Read in order to better appreciate the ongoing background story lines…or jump right in if you don’t mind missing out on the world building back stories♥)
Genre: MC Romance – Contemporary Romance.
Trope: ☆Runaway heroine ☆In love with my sister-in-law ☆Soulmates.

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There’s a place in Hell for men who fall in love with someone who isn’t theirs.

His brother’s wife.
The Renegade Souls MC Sergeant at Arms is used to living in purgatory.
Capone tried to atone for his mistake.
But he’s never regretted it. 

Don’t covet.
Don’t touch.
Don’t chase. 

 Capone broke the rules.
And he’ll break more to ensure his woman is safe from the wolf who wants to sell her. 

The truth will set their love free.
But will it also break them apart?
Sometimes it’s not as it appears…
Loyalties will be tested to the max.

Can Lucia and Capone forgive and forget and live the life that was always meant to be theirs?
The biker knows one thing: no more regrets.
His woman deserves everything he has to devote to her.
Because their passionate love for each other can no longer be hidden.

Author note: I know…I know… It sounds like cheating. Breathe! It’s not now or ever will be a cheating book. Things aren’t always what they seem. Trust in the biker who loves with every fiber of his dirty being.

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Renegade Souls MC

Prince Charming – PREORDER

She thought he was her savior. Some fucking Prince.
When in reality, he was a nasty bastard who dreamed about painting her in his come, having her smell like him all day so she was sticky and turned on by his filthy need.
Fuck him.
He was screwed.
Because he couldn’t stay away from her.

New to the bikers? Dive into their boxset collection 1-3 as a great starter.