From Manhattan

Manhattan Protector – COVER REVEAL

Get ready for a hot, cranky bodyguard!

Genre: Contemporary / bodyguard romance
Trope: | Cranky bodyguard / Sunshine starlet

What you need to know about Manhattan Protector:

  • Cranky/Sunshine
  • Knitting
  • Beans on toast
  • A nap date
  • Pesky stalker
  • Betrayal
  • Familiar Manhattan faces
  • Jet setting foreplay
  • Mine. Mine. Mine. She’s mine!
  • Showering with clothes on 👀



Safeguard the client at all costs.
Never allow them to grow attached.
Don’t form personal connections.
It’s bodyguarding 101.
Until supermodel, Katarina Young, sashayed into my life with her optimistic smiles.
She’s a good girl.
I’m not the right man for her, no matter how under Katarina’s spell I am.
Keeping her safe is easy. It’s my only priority.
She’s become vital to me.
But keeping my hands off her is the real mission.


I believe people come into our lives for a reason.
Danger brought Hunter Madsen into mine.
And I’m praying love keeps him there.
Hunter wants to protect me and I want everything else from him.
His love, most of all.
Can I get my monosyllabic, sometimes cranky bodyguard to fall under my British charms?
I’d bet all the tea and crumpets I could.

Complete standalone romance

Renegade Souls MC

Preorder – Blazing Hope

Things to expect from Blazing Hope:

-Platonic sleepovers
Delayed gratification
A biker doing his best to be better
A protective heroine
Wall kisses
Hallway sexytimes
What happens in Vegas…doesn’t stay in Vegas
Villainous smirks and blackmail

Arson is finally fighting for his life.
See the biker get his long-awaited HEA on September 30.


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