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Preacher Man

When two people who are used to life kicking them when they’re down come together, they discover what it means to have someone in their corner. And it makes for one hell of a marriage of convenience for the Renegade Souls road captain and his Ruby.



Preacher could be called many things;
Son, brother, friend, road captain, veteran, and
charming Manwhore.

He owned his title until he wanted a particular feisty woman
to take him seriously,
and then all bets were off, he’d play dirty to win her.

Having seen the Lothario outlaw in action,
Ruby wasn’t encouraged to act
on the attraction to his alpha-good looks.
With selfish family draining her financially,
Ruby’s life was tumultuous at best,
with no room for the kind of pleasure
she knew she’d get from Preacher.
But asking God for help,
did it really come from the dirty-mouthed biker?

No bad men, no troublemakers,
and absolutely no bikers.
This was Ruby’s rule.
But one perfect night, no strings attached, with Preacher?

He fought for his country and lost his heart.
Preacher came back from war a changed man,
recognizing the same loneliness in Ruby.
Drawn to her, to her dark fantasies, he wants it all, at any cost.

Sometimes all it takes is love to begin to heal because Fate has a way of intervening where headstrong soulmates are concerned.

Disclaimer: Intended for 18+ due to the extreme sexy times between two consenting crazy in lust adults.

Available in Kindle and Paperback:

Renegade Souls MC

Renegade Souls MC – A biker book boyfriend for everyone

The series is growing and there will be more coming from those notoriously dirty outlaws this year. Have you caught up yet and chosen your biker, babes?


1. Dirty Salvation:
2. Preacher Man:
3. Tracking Luxe:
3.5 Hades Novella:
4. Filthy Love:
4.5 Finally Winter:
5.5 Mistletoe and Outlaws Christmas Novella:
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SURPRISE! – Mistletoe and Outlaws: Renegade Souls MC Christmas novella

Surprise release, babes!!

You didn’t think there was more dirty bikers this year, did you? I was dying to share with you. This Christmas novella is drama free, deliciously biker mushy and should be only read if you’ve at least read the first four books and can handle over-the-top alpha heroes worshiping their old lady’s by any means necessary.

I hope you enjoy seeing Rider/Zara, Preacher/Ruby, Grinder/Luxe and Hawk/Gia again during their holidays. There’s babies, too many trees, a doggo in a snowflake onesie and some sexy times.


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Goodreads: (please add it to your shelves!!! )



For once those Renegade Souls boys and their old ladies are going to have a peaceful Christmas. Or so the plan goes.

Join Rider and Zara while they host the first Renegade Souls MC holiday party amid her pregnancy aches and Rider’s stress to rid his town of the bratva once and for all. All he wants is to make his girl happy with the help of family and some dirty shenanigans. Maybe this was the year she’d say yes to his proposal.

Preacher and Ruby are learning how to be parents while dealing with someone from Ruby’s past. Is it a seasonal time of goodwill and forgiveness? One thing’s for sure; Preacher is always what his festive angel needs.

Grinder discovers the hard way what it means to get on the wrong side of his explosive wife. There’s nothing quite like the holidays for love and a volatile temper as Luxe is more than happy to show her boy.

Hawk and Gia are awaiting the pitter patter of tiny sociopath feet. Is happiness about to be ripped out of his hands just when he’d finally got it? Christmas brings surprises to the VP’s household from unpredicted sources.

Who said Christmas time can’t be dirty?

This novella is intended as a catch-up for the first four couples so far featured in the Renegade Souls MC series and not a standalone. It’s meant to be read as an add-on and runs along the same timeline as Finally Winter.

Can you handle the outlaw festive mush?


Renegade Souls MC

Finally Winter – Now Live!


Grab your dirty biker today!


Here he is, babes! Book five in the Renegade Souls MC series is now live for your enjoyment! I can’t believe we’re on book 5 of the bikers, it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was nervous about Dirty Salvation.

I hope you enjoy Snake and Winter’s story. It was so fun to write about polar opposite characters with an undeniable magnetic pull towards each other and how they grow and experience new delicious things together.

Thank you so much for showing me how you much you love these bikers too. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy Snake and Winter.

Here’s to the next book!

Lots of love and outlaw hugs,



Renegade Souls MC

Finally Winter – Last Day for preorder price


We’re just hours away now from FINALLY WINTER releasing onto kindles! (He’s available right now in paperback …. and it has the secret in the back of which biker is next! )

If you haven’t picked up your pre-order copy yet, there’s a few more hours left with it still priced 1-99!





Renegade Souls MC

Finally Winter – Blurb and Cover Reveal


Those dirty bikers are back! Are you ready for Snake’s good-girl librarian?

RELEASE DATE: December 6.
Series: Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga.
BOOK 5 – shouldn’t be read out of order.


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Sergeant at Arms and resident joker, Snake was prime example.

He loved the sense of pride the Renegade Souls gave him being bodyguard to his Prez.

And he was never without a punchline. It was his thing.

He loved his kids.

But the missing piece became clear when he saw her.

Could he bring a sweet librarian …a good girl… into his murky lifestyle?

Opposites don’t always attract … unless they explode in unforeseen passion.

His heart was wide open to the snow queen, but could she accept all of him?


Happiness came at a price for Winter Deseille who only wanted to knit, be a little obsessed with Captain America’s rear end and live her life away from oppressive influences.

Enter the sexiest DILF outlaw biker from stage left.

The price was high to fall in love with a biker

Especially when trouble comes from an unsuspecting source.