Renegade Souls MC

Filthy Love

It takes a strong woman to love a sociopath. One as damaged as Hawk. She has to be so much stronger to save the man she’s waited a decade for.



They call him a deadly sociopath.
For years he was that man.
Without emotional sanity.
The little bit of a thing changed him.
Seventeen, his president’s sister
and too innocent for what Hawk craved.

With forbidden love came great stalking.
Can he fight the stains left by his demons?

The VP of the Renegade Souls MC
will do anything for Gia Marinos.
Including walking away from his club,
best friend and his treasured leather cut.
But just when he thinks he can have it all…
His past reminds him how unworthy of her he is.

Sometimes the hero needs rescuing by the princess.

Disclaimer: A sociopath will do almost anything for his old lady. So, this book is intended for those 18+ who can handle a VP at his sexiest.

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Renegade Souls MC

Hades: Novella

Understand a monster has a beginning just like any man. Was he always so evil?



You met the man.

Hades wasn’t always the Raging Rebels president
and sworn enemy to Rider Marinos.


In vivid, graphic, vignette glimpses,
the layers of Hades are peeled back to reveal
the monster who was always beneath his surface.


His end was cast in stone.
And his life had many pathways
and a myriad of chances
to change the man he turned out to be.

As with all atrocious actions, the clock is ticking.
Hell is waiting for Hades.

Disclaimer: There’s no HEA. This is not a romance. It’s a recount of a monster’s life into what made him the way he was.
This novella is to finally have the full picture. Not to be read before Dirty Salvation and Preacher Man.

Second Disclaimer: What happens in the Hummer doesn’t always stay in the Hummer…

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Renegade Souls MC

Tracking Luxe

It takes an ill-tempered thief to love her tracker kidnapper. It’s not all plain sailing for Grinder when he finds the woman of his dreams… not when she steals from him.



She’s a thief.
And he’s a tracker.

It’s not every day one of those fabled Renegade Souls MC outlaw finds himself on the end of a con.
Grinder is a skilled hunter and he got played by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
What else is he to do, but go on a year long retaliation crusade.

Only, he wants more from Luxe Reyes.
He wants everything.
She’s a swarm of temper and allure and she becomes his obsession.

Criminally minded, Luxe didn’t anticipate being tied and gagged.
It’s not the ideal setting for a budding seduction, not when she wants to punch the face of her handsome captor.

She’s his hostage.
He’s … hers.

They say romance is dead.
The moment Luxe is free she’s going to kill the damn biker.
If she doesn’t kiss him first.
No one ever said you should fall in love with your kidnapper.
They didn’t say you shouldn’t, either.
Disclaimer: Intended for 18+ due to the biker kidnapping his woman, because who hasn’t done that in the name of romance and all the sexy alleyway shenanigans that follows.

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Renegade Souls MC

Preacher Man

When two people who are used to life kicking them when they’re down come together, they discover what it means to have someone in their corner. And it makes for one hell of a marriage of convenience for the Renegade Souls road captain and his Ruby.



Preacher could be called many things;
Son, brother, friend, road captain, veteran, and
charming Manwhore.

He owned his title until he wanted a particular feisty woman
to take him seriously,
and then all bets were off, he’d play dirty to win her.

Having seen the Lothario outlaw in action,
Ruby wasn’t encouraged to act
on the attraction to his alpha-good looks.
With selfish family draining her financially,
Ruby’s life was tumultuous at best,
with no room for the kind of pleasure
she knew she’d get from Preacher.
But asking God for help,
did it really come from the dirty-mouthed biker?

No bad men, no troublemakers,
and absolutely no bikers.
This was Ruby’s rule.
But one perfect night, no strings attached, with Preacher?

He fought for his country and lost his heart.
Preacher came back from war a changed man,
recognizing the same loneliness in Ruby.
Drawn to her, to her dark fantasies, he wants it all, at any cost.

Sometimes all it takes is love to begin to heal because Fate has a way of intervening where headstrong soulmates are concerned.

Disclaimer: Intended for 18+ due to the extreme sexy times between two consenting crazy in lust adults.

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Renegade Souls MC

Renegade Souls MC – A biker book boyfriend for everyone

The series is growing and there will be more coming from those notoriously dirty outlaws this year. Have you caught up yet and chosen your biker, babes?


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