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Teaser Tuesday – Seduction

With only one teaser Tuesday left before PREACHER MAN releases to the masses on June 26 I thought I’d share this little bit with Ruby fighting her attraction to the dirty biker.





Seduction and flirtation used to be her sport, her recreational play time, there was no cheesy line she hadn’t mocked and she knew every trick in the book for a man to get into her pants, but she’d been off her game for a while now. Hadn’t wanted to, more to the truth. As though something had gone from inside her, that hunting instinct of flirting with a pretty face, of sharing hot kisses and maybe more, but she felt it stir to life didn’t she… for him. That tiny little tickle of her thighs, the belly clench when she saw him, oh yeah, stirred awake alright. Dammit. She shouldn’t flirt or want to kiss that outlaw again, he was too cocksure, and would probably play the game better. Not when she knew he was bad news. The fuck ‘em and leave ‘em type. Bikers were notorious with their reputations for fucking, him more than most since he never hid what he was.
Still, she was attracted. Couldn’t help it.
No one is better than me at flirting. But that same little voice acknowledged this guy was so high on the food chain he had his own off-menu. She’d watched him for months prowl around the bar, looking for things to fuck and find them he did, so easily. He was friendly with it, that’s what threw her, none of the waitresses ever called him a bad name, the opposite, in fact, vying for his attention like he was Ryan Reynolds post-Deadpool. From what she could tell, the jerk wasn’t so jerky, and still, she hastened to guess he was not the guy to flirt with.
“Why is it a pity?” From the way her pussy clenched she was going to regret asking as he smiled and cocked his head to the side licking the very corner of his lip. Did he know the effect that had on her?
“I only tasted you once, Ruby, and already I want more. It shouldn’t have stopped at one kiss. You should invite me in and I’ll show you how much you’ll love me putting you on your knees.” He got right in her face like he was making to kiss her again and dammit she’d let him. Every bone melted in preparation for his mouth to attack, to take and plunder, already tasting him.
Oh, shit. She really would let him kiss her right here out in the street, maybe put her on her knees as he said. Her belly pitched forward, she was so wet she could feel it dampen her panties. “Fuck. Look at you, Ruby. I didn’t know how much you’d want it. I hoped as much as me. You’re hot, aren’t you? Aching? Tell me. Let me make it better,” he only touched her lightly, low on the waist but she felt branded by a hot poker. His fingers didn’t grip and yet she was in his grasp as hard as if he’d clicked handcuffs around her wrists.
Some sea swept shit was happening in her belly.
Unused feelings all came rushing over her, swamping her. She’d never felt this overpowered by desire and thirst before, for lack of a better word. Ruby took three measured small inhalations before she felt like she could speak past the heady intoxicated excitement nestled in her chest.
Fuck love. Love hurt and controlled. But chemistry? That she could deal with. And she was feeling a whole lot of that sweet smell between them.
“Look, it was just a stupid kiss, no need to make a big deal out of it. You enjoyed it, and so did I.”
His fingers tightened on her waist then, dug in, she almost whimpered.


Preacher Man on pre-order right now.

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