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Teaser Tuesday – Manhattan Tormentor

OMG SO CLOSE to August, babes! And the Fierro countdown is on!!! #TormentMeFinn #TeamFierro




“What the fuck do you want from me?” I husk in his face. I have nothing left to give, yet tempted beyond measure with those lips in grabbing distance.
Sage is a complication I didn’t see coming until it was too late.
I need to shake him off.
There are bigger things to think about.
I give him nothing and expect everything.
“Absolutely nothing. Now move back so I can leave.” He says dry without feeling. It’s as though he’s turned back into the robot I used to watch striding down the hallways, unaffected by humanity.
There’s something about him that pulls me in, makes me say and do things I never would with anyone else.
He’s wrong about falling into other bodies to forget him. No one else exists.
Sage is unforgettable, and every fiber of my being fights against it.
My evil little mind is on fire to take him right here.
Denial is part of being a Maverick.
We deny we’re not a dysfunctional fucking shitshow all the time.
Warm breath sweeps across my face, and his stare is unwavering.
Oh, to be that calm.
I still taste him in my mouth. Feeling how he commands a kiss, fights me for it. His hard body underneath mine. There’s not a single inch of skin that doesn’t want to drag him back into my apartment and start all over again.
Listen to his moans.
His pleading.
The kid likes to beg and curse like nothing else, and it drives me fucking wild.
But I can’t.
I can’t.
It has to stop now.
My teeth clench. My heart hurts. “God, I fucking hate you, Fierro.”
The smile twisting his beautiful face just makes me feel like a bigger prick.
“That’s just it, you wish you did.” The kiss he presses to my cheek comes as a surprise. It burns. “There’s not one thing wrong with you, remember that, Finn.”
When he walks away, I feel it and have to force my feet to stay in place.
It’s done.
I’m pathological because as much as I know it’s right, I still want to drag him back.
Whatever this craziness was between him and me.
It’s done.



Renegade Souls MC

Teaser Tuesday – Law Maker

“I’m not sure what you’re asking me here, Lawless,” Danny had an edge of seriousness crackling his voice.
Lawless wasn’t a secret sharer.
He didn’t need to spill his guts.
Or atone for his actions.
He did what he did and he always went into things with his eyes wide open.
He didn’t have a conscience.
Not so much.
Not like the normal folk, because he had reasons for everything.
Even psychos thought they were sane in their own mind, so how was he to know, huh?

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From Manhattan

Teaser Tuesday – Those Manhattan Boys

Have you met Tom and Mack yet?


“You placed a bet to fuck me by your birthday…forgive me, am I supposed to be fucking flattered by this?”

I winced after every sharp word. “When you put it like that, I know it sounds fucked up, but I swear I didn’t agree to it, I just let the others think I had to shut them up. Hindsight I should have made it clear I wanted nothing to do with it. What I feel is real, Tom. Nothing to do with a fucking bet. I want you. I wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

Tom dropped the case of bottles on to the counter as if he only just realized he was still cradling them. He worked his jaw like he was trying to chew glass, but eventually he said, “Oh, the games of little boys. I applaud you, Mack, you got me. Enjoy your winnings.” He announced. And he was back to calling me Mack and though he’d overheard something shitty, I would have preferred he never hear…ever, it’s my name from his thinned-out lips that bothered me the most. He called me Mack when he wanted to put distance between us.

My panic increased, I couldn’t believe I’d screwed up this badly.

I stepped into his path when he tried to move around me.

“Get out of the way, Mack. I’m leaving.”

“Not like this. Don’t go like this, not over something funny we can laugh about later.”

“Humiliating me is funny? Placing a bet with your friends on when you could nail me is laughable?” After each grated word I felt his anger tearing at my insides like a claw hammer leaving my guts exposed. This had gone to shit so fast my head was still spinning and I couldn’t see any angle to fix it.

“Did you take pictures to send to the press too?”

“Fuck no! Tom, please, don’t. I promise you it wasn’t anything like that. I love you, I would never humiliate you.”

He didn’t so much as pause at my declaration. He looked right through me. “Forgive me for not believing a word that comes out of your mouth. Now get the fuck out of the way, you don’t want me to make a scene at your own party.”

“Fuck the party. We’ll both leave. We’ll go to your place and talk about this.”

“As far as I’m concerned we’ve nothing more to say.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Bet you I do.”

Ouch. Direct hit. Point made. Painful as fuck.



Renegade Souls MC

Teaser Tuesday – Finally Winter

#TeaserTuesday we’ll have Tom and Mack teasers starting next week. But for now a little bit of Snake.

Have you read the bodyguard yet?



They groaned together.
His forehead came down on hers. “I love you so much, my snow queen. So fucking much. You’re it for me. Until I die”

The pulse in her ears bonged like a great big drum.

“Stay with me. Stay with the man who will always bring you coffee and make sure you never ache in this pretty pink pussy ever again.”

His kiss blistered straight down to the sex in question, flooding her with fresh wetness that coated his every thrust.

“Stay with me, make me work for this beautiful body.”
#FinallyWinter 🐍❄️


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