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Tracking Luxe – Sneak Peek

Hi, biker babes!

I’ve been busy in the writing cave, and hopefully will have Tracking Luxe for you in November *crosses eyes and toes* more on release date soon.

But here is a scene I posted exclusively in a FB group, but wanted to share with those who didn’t see it yet.




Heat penetrated his ribs, his arm tightened around Luxe. “Hey, love, you’re shaking, you okay?”

“I need….” he heard mumbled into his shirt. Damn she really was trembling now.  Cupping the back of her head, he tipped it up. Every fiber of his body came roaring alive, his dick began to twitch and grow because he recognized the heat in her dark eyes, didn’t he? It was, after all, every fucking thing he was feeling all at once as well. “Tell me what you need,” he grated through clenched teeth, a second away from giving it to her without her saying a word, he crowded her back against the alley wall.

Say it. Say it.

“I need…” she was shaking hard, clutching fingers into his shirt, her gorgeous face angled up. Fuck it. He already knew. She began to rub her little body on him.

Back and forth. Hard, soft. And she moaned. Oh, fuck, did she moan.

Grinder nearly lost his mind, he knew his dick almost begged for her.

“God, baby, don’t tease me.” Tease me, please. Fuck. she’d warned him, hadn’t she? That she was a little tease. Couldn’t say he didn’t know, but here he was on his proverbial knees wanting to lick that wet patch on her little cotton panties, to drag the material tight over her clit making her scream for it. If Grinder didn’t like her already, then watching her palm her own tits just about did it.

I’ll do anything you want. What a fucking jackass he’d been to agree to that because now he was watching the blaze of gloried fire in her thieving eyes. She had him right where she wanted him.

And Grinder loved it.

His cock hurt. But he wanted more of her teasing. There was no way he was yanking his rapt gaze off her.  “You’ve never had a man quite like me. It’s okay to be a little afraid at first.”

Was that a blush he saw? He couldn’t quite tell in this light but he smirked as she laughed in his face. “Dios. What an ego you have. There’s countless men out there like you.”

“Not as special as me, love.”

Their faces drifted closer. Breaths shared. “I need …”

A grunt ripped from him. “I know, Luxe.” Adrenalin was a great motivator for letting the walls down and the sexual longing in. “You wore yourself out resisting me, didn’t you, baby?”

“Just shut up talking, chico. And give me … something. I need it now.”

Bombs went off behind his eyes. Grinder was about to embarrass himself and come in his fancy pants.

Before that could happen, he concentrated fully on the woman in need. “You want a fuck right here, baby?” he would have unzipped for her.

“No.. I …“ her forehead puckered, fingers went back and clutched in his shirt pulling him closer, her hips rubbing on him driving him crazy. “I can’t come that way.”

Everything in him stalled. Eyes didn’t even flicker focusing on her face twisted in want. He cupped the back of her head. “What do you mean?”

“I just need your hand in my panties.”

“Luxe…You’re telling me you’ve never had an orgasm?” incredulity stained his voice.

“I’ve had orgasms. Just never that way.”


Ay dios. What part of never do you not understand? It’s just never happened for me, it’s no big deal.”

Lust swirled around his torso. Made him harder. He wanted to be her first. Possession tripled. “Oh, baby. It’s a big fucking deal, rubbing one out yourself and getting one from a thick cock inside you is a whole other thing.”

Coño, chico. Stop all that talking.” Grinder grinned. That told him. Hungry kisses drew over her cheek. He began to pull up the dress, he traced the back of her panties, moved around the front, found her soaked through the material, oh shit, swallowing a groan when she popped her pelvis forward, seeking what she needed, he edged past the material, found heat.

Jesus Christ. He was ever closer to coming like a teenager.

“Do you hurt between your legs, love?”

“Yes.” she whimpered.

“Ask me to make the ache go away.”

Copyright © 2017 V. Theia. All rights reserved.



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