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An Interview with the Preacher

Hey, biker-babes! Something fun for you today. One of Preacher’s fans (his other unofficial wife!) Elisha wanted to interview the big man to celebrate the release of  Preacher Man. — hope you enjoy!

V xx

(Only read if you’ve finished Preacher Man, it contains spoilers.)

Elisha: I cannot believe I’m getting to email with the big green eyed sex monster.

First things first, hit send on the overnight of the latest Spider-Man toy for Seb. A break the ice gift. I get 10 questions and that’s it.

1: How’s Seb doing now?
Preacher: We’re taking it one day at a time with the kid, sometimes an hour at a time, but he’s getting there and I never met a cooler kid ( Ruby, who’s typing this shit for me ‘cause I suck at words, absolutely agrees ) like he’ll listen to everything we say, and you get the impression he’s not hearing, in his own world, but then he’ll smile and start talking a mile-a-minute about Spider-Man or some shit he saw on TV and I gotta say it’s a pretty fucking good feeling to see the kid animated. Not so much when he’s being a little cockblocker.

2: Elisha: You don’t want Tyler a part of the MC, but would you allow Seb to join? Because it seems like his uncle’s are going to be pretty involved in his life?
Preacher: My baby-bro is destined for better things than I was, he’s got a brain, and all the free pussy at the club would just distract the little shit-head, he’d never get rich and buy me a new Fat Boy if I let him come to the club too much. As for Seb, Rube’s already talking of college, but if he wants to join the club life, can’t lie, to see my kid wearing our colors, I would be proud as punch. He’s slowly getting used to the boys dropping by the house, so we’ll see how it goes.

3: Elisha: Talking of uncle’s. Have you reached out to your army buddies? Gone to see them?
Preacher: Nope, not yet. There’s a thing later this year, we might go to for veterans, heard they might be there. I miss my team, so we’ll see if I end up going. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s better to leave all that shit behind (Ruby will talk to me into it, I’m a sucker for my lady )

4: Elisha: How’s Ruby? Do you and her get to go on dates? Or are you getting cockblocked still? *so maybe my 10 questions had follow-up questions and counted as one still hopefully and big PM wasn’t counting,…hopefully.*
Preacher: Besides being the most beautiful thing I ever saw? My wife is good. She’s got me thinking like a romantic motherfucker, trying to get her alone even if it’s in the breakroom at work, so yeah we do date nights, date breakfast, date whateverthefuck we want it to be, it mostly involves talking to my little darling a lot. Rider and Zara came over on Thursday to babysit the little cockblocker ( he conned Prez into six stories, told him not to look directly in the eyes, makes you a goner ) it’s her birthday coming up, I have big plans for it, can’t say what, or she’ll see, and I like to surprise my wife.

4 1/2): Elisha: Do you remember the exact moment when you fell in love/wanted more than just a hook up with Ruby?
Preacher: Fuck, sure I do. It was her first night working at Otis’ bar, few years ago now. I always knew she was special, she stood out from the crowd, not just ‘cause she tied my dick in a knot with wanting her, that was a given, just look at her, she gives me cock-ache with just a smile, but the moment I fell in love, coulda been a number of times. When we went to the hospital and I saw her with Sebastian, the first time I got her on the back of my bike and felt her skinny fingers holding my belt the entire way, or maybe it was when I wanted to piss a circle around her and punch the fuck out of my brothers for even looking at what was mine. I think I was always in love with Ruby, just had to wait until we were on the same page to do a damn thing about it.

5: Elisha: What’s been the biggest challenge for you becoming a daddy/husband overnight? Do you go to your dad for advice?
Preacher: Being Ruby’s husband is probably the single greatest thing I’ll do, not to sound like a sappy dickhead, but it’s no challenge at all, I just do whatever makes my lady happiest and she’s easy to make happy. I fuck her awake or bring her cake at work for no reason, she’s happy, I play on the floor with Seb and my Ruby cries watching us. Being a dad is more challenging since I had no clue what the fuck I was doing, I ask myself a lot ‘what would Shane do’ and then take my cues from the little dude and yeah, my own father gives me advice, he said just show the boy love and you can’t go wrong. Take recently, he was having a meltdown over some shit in the grocery store, I could see my Ruby was frazzled, me, I would have given him the candy shit he wanted just to stop the caterwauling, we got some looks I tell ya, fuck them, he’s our kid, he can roll on the damn floor if he wants to, but he was upsetting my lady, so I had to step in, and I told him we can be little shits with anyone else, but we don’t treat Ruby bad or make her sad. I think he listened ‘cause he gave her the biggest hug and was fine after that. I got laid when we got home.

6: Elisha: Which one of your MC brothers has been most helpful since bringing Seb home?
Preacher: Surprisingly, it’s been Lawless, not that he babysits, he’s still allergic to kids and people in general, though he’s been doing homework with Angela lately, keeping that girl on the straight and narrow, but anyway, he bought a shit ton of books for Seb and enrolled him in a library, he’s big on education. Seb has taken to Grinder right away, they play ball.

7: Elisha: Talking of MCs how’s it going with Jamie fucking Steele as a brother-in-law?
Preacher: Still waiting for my new ride for a wedding present from the brother-in-law, but things are going well, long as he treats my wife like pure gold and never upsets her he and I will be fine. He dropped by the house, brought some toy shit for Seb, it’ll take longer for him and Ruby to fix their differences but it’s a start, she wants a family around her so I’ll make sure Jamie gives her what she wants, one way or another.

8: Elisha: Now that you and Red Light are good is he coming back home? At least for the big 50th party, right?
Preacher: I know for sure he’s heading back this way for the Renegade Souls MC big 50th shindig, the groupies are making ‘welcome back’ shirts, they always did love Red Light. Every member from every chapter will be here, after that we’ll see, he’s been a nomad for a long time, sometimes that’s hard to leave behind. I know Rider wants him home.

9: Elisha: Have you found out what’s going on with Grinder?
Preacher: Fuck knows. And that’s difficult to say since me and G are tight, but there’s something he ain’t saying, like he’s never secretive. I guess he’ll say in his own time, just hope it’s nothing serious, the boys will be there for him if it is, we got each others back, always. I told my Ruby it can’t be because of a pussy, he’d be smiling more if he was getting some and he’s like Oscar the grouch (fucking little cockblocker got me watching sesame street. I like it )

10: Elisha: Last one: Is Hawk back home yet?
Preacher: Nah, not yet. Strange we miss that moody fucker. He did send a Spider-Man package for Seb, it came from Texas, we didn’t even know he was passing through there, he must have gotten sick of being in New Orleans or got into a fight with a voodoo priestess. We reckon Rider will call him back soon now the threat is almost over, the brother needs to take his place again in the club.

Thanks for your time, Preacher.

It’s been an honor,


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