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Tracking Luxe is LIVE!!


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Before I hide under my publishing day rock (a girl needs to puke in private!) I wanted to let you know Grinder is now loose in the wild, there’s no changing my mind *laughs* and I wanted to thank my ARC readers who have already given the outlaw their seal of approval and thank you if you’ve picked up a copy of Tracking Luxe.

I am so grateful you’ve taken the bikers to heart. I love to hear from readers so let me know what you think (unless you don’t like them then please send all correspondents to my rock 😉  )

There’s lots more to come from these dirty-bikers!

Stay tuned.

Much outlaw love.


2 thoughts on “Tracking Luxe is LIVE!!”

  1. Hi I would just love to say your biker series is the best one I have read so far!!! Absolutely amazing!! Cannot wait for the rest of the series and when will that be?! Lol cannot wait to read the rest.


    1. Hi, Laura. Thank you so much, that’s so nice to hear! so happy you’re enjoying the bikers 🙂 There’s definitely more to come. Filthy Love is book 4 and I’m aiming to release it around April time. xox


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