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Filthy Love – Is Live!


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Hiya, babes!!


Can you believe it’s Hawk release day? It’s been a long year in the making waiting to give you this sociopath’s book when he was ready to share his story. Right from Dirty Salvation and his very first scene swaggering onto the page and throughout the series where he gave glimpses into the sort of man he was. I wanted to give you the very best book for Hawk as I could since so many readers asked about him and fell for his self-tortured punishment for loving his friend’s sister.

Now it’s their time to get filthy. I hope you take Gia and Hawk to your hearts as I did. I’m a little sad now their story is over, but I’m happy with where they are. And you’ll always see them again within the Renegade Souls MC series.

Are you #ReadyToGetFilthy with Hawk?

Happy reading! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support for these dirty bikers and loving them as I hoped you would. It means the world to me. We have so much more to come from those outlaws.

Lots of love.

V xoxox



2 thoughts on “Filthy Love – Is Live!”

  1. Absolutely loved Gia and Hawk. Felt like coming through my kindle and wrapping him up in my arms and kissing his hurt away. So glad Gia was a strong woman who knew what she wanted and didn’t let anything get in her way. Can’t wait to read more stories on the rest of the guys. Especially want love for Capone and Reaper.


    1. Oh wow, this is so lovely to hear, thank you for letting me know you enjoyed Hawk and Gia! She was definitely a woman who was not letting anything get in her way, not even the man himself lol. You will see more of the boys in the next book which is Snake’s. Reaper will feature too 🙂


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