From Manhattan

Manhattan Secret – Available Now

Lachlan Fierro’s book is NOW LIVE!!

I hope you enjoy Lachlan and Delaney as much as I did.
Their love may be considered taboo… forbidden even, but their journey to each other is every inch an addiction.
This book was a labor of joy for me, babes. I adored them so much, I’m still attached lol.
I adore those Fierro’s and I look forward to delving into the last two siblings in 2020. Look out for Sage and Raene. Their stories will be just as compulsively Fierro.

What you need to know about Manhattan Secret:

★Younger hero who is all man and a cocky genius and has a taste for a teacher.
★Buys food. Makes coffee. Gives her the good D.
★ Possessive, jealous tendencies and pursuer of his woman.
★ Hot bathroom shenanigans
★ Criminally vengeful. – don’t cross the Fierro boy.


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