Renegade Souls MC

Intimately Faithful – COVER REVEAL



Are you ready to atone for your sins to Pastor Danny Murphy?


Title: Intimately Faithful
Series: Book 6.5 – Renegade Souls MC Series.

(Read in order to better appreciate the ongoing background story lines… or jump right in if you don’t mind missing out on the world building back stories♥

Genre: MC Romance – Contemporary Romance.
Trope: ☆Second Chance love ☆Sinfully delicious romance ☆A pastor getting him some.


Release Date:  October 24, 2019.
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Words Danny had always lived by.
He was once one of those notorious Galway Murphy’s, living a wild, unruly life with the girl of his dreams.

That was until Aoife Flanagan left him for dust to marry money.

God picked up Danny’s pieces and put him back together again.

But it’s not long before his happy life is turned on its head when his Galway girl comes back, desperately needing his help.

Nothing will test a man’s faith and morality faster than the lost love of his life returning with a baby and fear in her eyes.

Pastor Danny Murphy, man of God, realizes he’d do anything for her … Even take on the enemy with the help of the infamous bikers in town, The Renegade Souls MC, when their worlds between right and wrong collide.




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