From Manhattan

Manhattan Muse – Cover Reveal

It’s time for the Fierro daughter! ~
Watch the assertive fixer own her rock star. #HubbyRockstar


“Good morning, wife.”
This woman. My woman.
She’s not so in control now, is she?
I’m ready for what comes next, especially if it includes Raene and her biting little claws.

What you need to know about Manhattan Music:

🎤 Broody rock stars galore.
👰🤵 Accidental marriage.
💋 Sexy nightclub kisses.
🧍‍🧍‍🧍‍‍ Protective brothers.
🐰Gets shit done heroine.
㎇ British secondary character ( don’t fall for him! )
💕 Mad passionate love.
💧 Raindrop songs.

Series: Book 8 – From Manhattan Series. – Standalone romances.
Genre: New Adult / rock star romance
Trope: | rock star | accidental marriage | bossy kisses and fiery glares |


Release Date: October 22,  2020.

From Manhattan Series:
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I fix things for the famous and over-privileged.
But what if I don’t want to make this go away, huh?
I’m the girl who got married by accident.
I made a silly joke, and he put a ring on it.
It’s a mistake … right?

I had one job.
Repair the reputation of the infamous rock band Jagged Beats.
I was never meant to catch feelings for Tommy Bianchi.
No woman in her right mind thinks twice about falling for his raspy voice.
He’s made up of lyrics, a brooding jawline and secretive eyes.
Adored by millions, son to a notorious crime boss, he’s everything you imagine a bad boy to be, and he makes my soul pulse.


I’ve never made a mistake before that makes as much sense as this does.
But someone as famous as Tommy is, there’s always someone ready to tear us down.
I’m Raene Fierro … can I take on a fandom to love my rock star?

Bunny Note: My brothers had a disclaimer, I want one too. So, here we go. If you’ve been craving a candy buying, breakfast making bad boy who scowls and grunts a lot, then look no further, Tommy is here to seduce your eyeballs out. We’re low angst and high… and I mean HIGH chemistry. Hold on tight. The Fierro’s are going out with a bang. You can tell my brothers, I won this one. – Raene Fierro.

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