Renegade Souls MC

Blazing Hope – Cover Reveal

Arson is ready to fight for his future

Series: Book 11 – Renegade Souls MC Series. 

(Read in order to better appreciate the ongoing background story lines…
or jump right in if you don’t mind missing out on the world building back stories and characters

Genre: MC Romance – Contemporary Romance. 
Trope: ☆One-night-stand ☆Second chances 

Drops on September 30. 
Goodreads TBR: 


Being a 1% MC officer, Arson stood shoulder to shoulder with his brothers.
Though his priority was always the booze.
His demons were deafening.
And his addiction shoved him into Hell.
Until rock bottom became his savior.
No one said climbing back up would be straightforward.
Brutal, relentless work.
And then fate gave him a reason to live.
To fight and carry on.
And it was her.


They had history and incredible chemistry.
And she made him burn.
Made him want.
His girl was cautious.
She protected her heart behind walls.
He wasn’t worried. Arson would scale anything to own her.
A trashy guy like him wasn’t worthy of an amazing woman.
But he wouldn’t let that stop him.
He’d broken rules all his life. What was one more to own paradise?

Arson worried about relapsing.
But he feared losing Erin most of all.
Own her.
Make Erin his old lady.
Be her protection against enemies and the world.
Their blaze has only just started.


Content Warning: Arson is in recovery and though his bad times are behind him,
his story touches on details some might find triggering to their own mental health, so please take care.  


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