Renegade Souls MC

Darling Psycho – Available Now

Oh, wow. Can you believe the end of the Renegade Souls series is finally here? It’s so bittersweet, I’m going to miss those bikers and their old ladies. But Angela and Lawless promise to take it out with a bang! I hope their book is everything you wanted. Enjoy a trip to Colorado one last time and see the long awaited psycho get his HEA! xox

Goodreads TBR:
Kindle – KU – Paperback:

Can a villain be the hero too?
Time to find out. #TeamEnforcer
It’s the end of an era.

Series: Book 12 – Renegade Souls MC Series.
(Read in order to better appreciate the ongoing background story lines…or jump right in if you don’t mind missing out on the world building back stories and characters)

Trope: ☆A villain falling in love ☆Meant-to-be ☆Age-gap

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