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From Manhattan, Taboo Love Duet

Sale! – Merry Manhattan Christmas

     Merry Manhattan Christmas 


All books within my Manhattan world will be only 0-99 each for the month of December!
If you haven’t met Sena and Noah. Or Gray and India, now is your chance to grab them.
💕Taboo Love Duet:
~~A queer fell in love with a woman, get over it.
~~Man, all the high roads I was taking tonight, it would be a wonder I could reach home at all.
💕From Manhattan series:
~~She was worth every ache and spilled climax over my own fist. I could easily grow addicted to making her fall apart.
 Her fight was stunning, but her surrender was goddamn fire in my gut.
I couldn’t breathe through the exquisite burn. I was making her undulate. It was me making my girl buck underneath me and claw at my sides for me to fuck her.
I wanted to learn all her fantasies, break them in, taste them in the back of my throat, hear them screaming out of her.
Taboo Love Duet

Character Interview: The Fierro’s


Hi, babes! I have something fun to share with you today. Back when Preacher Man was releasing, it feels like years ago now instead of nearly a year, well a reader who loved him interviewed the big man, so I thought we’d do it again. This time it’s lots of questions from different readers and center stage is Sena and Noah. You know how grumpy the King of Manhattan is so excuse all his eye rolls.



Question: Noah, how is your little geek?

Noah: More beautiful every day. The fire of my fucking soul and noisy in the mornings.

Sena: My grumpy villain likes peace in the mornings until his 142 espressos make him somewhat of a human. I said he should have rethought having so many kids then.

Question: What’s the history between you and Gray, Noah? And did you tell Sena all about knowing him and what you did by getting her the job with him and how did she react?

Noah: We met at a poker night. He cleaned me out. Then I took his money the next time. It’s been a competition ever since.

Sena: Go ahead, lion. Confess your sins.

Noah: You dragged me here, remember, kitten. I wanted to stay in bed and eat—

Sena: OKAY!

Noah: What was the question again? Oh, yeah. Sure, I told her how I helped her with the job, but her extraordinary ability spoke for itself, she’s made Gray a shit load of money which doesn’t hurt with his shoe addict wife to provide for, so it worked out. It was no big deal, she laughed about it and then we fucked on the kitchen table.

Question: Seriously, did you watch hetro-porn before you went to pussy-town?

Noah: Why are these things aimed at me? You fucking owe me, kitten. No clothes all Sunday.

Sena: I’ll book your Uber to pussy-town while you answer.

Noah: I might have watched several pornos. Not for tips, it doesn’t take a complete fucking moron to know how to lick and move his damn tongue. It might have been my first, that doesn’t mean I was inept at what I enjoyed.

Sena: Wait. So, why did you watch straight porn?

Noah: To check if I was attracted to all women or just you. It was just you.

Sena: Aww. Naked Sunday is so on, lion.

Question: Noah, when Sena went to her non-date with racket ball Simon after your epic hallway kiss, what did you do until she drunk text you?

Noah: This damn thing is rigged. You should know I’m only doing this because my Sena wanted to and she’s promised car sex on the drive home. What did I do? I went out of my mind thinking she was being mauled by someone who wasn’t me. I thought about following her and dragging her back. I planned to wait outside and fuck her against a brick wall. I had a shower, jerked off and went to work and shared some pretty fucking hot texts later that night.

Sena: Isn’t he adorable when he’s riled up?

Noah: Yeah, yeah. Save the sweet talk for when you have your head in my lap sucking—

Sena: OKAY. Jeez. Didn’t we talk about our inside voice, you villain?

Noah: My wife riles me, what can I say?

Sena: I love you.

Noah: I love you more.

Question: Now you’re all loved up, Sena, how do you deal with people still being surprised about you and Noah?

Sena: Yay, a question for me. I thought it was all about moneybags here. I ignore it, for the most part. I mean, I’m me, so it still bothers me some, but as my momma says; some turnips gonna fall off the truck, don’t mean you gotta run over them.

Noah: Was Bonnie drunk when she came up with that?

Sena: Possibly. We’re happy, so people’s opinion about Noah and our life is as meaningless as a broken turnip.

Question: How is grown up Theo? #HowYouDoingBabyFierro

Sena: You take this one, baby.

Noah: Academically our boy is doing well, same for his football. Personally, he has some shit he’s going through and he’s as stubborn as his mom, so he doesn’t want our help, but if it keeps my wife awake one more night with worry then we’re flying there and bringing him home.

Question: Did you ever manage to get rid of the couch of death?

Sena: YES! When we had our house built. Thank god.

Noah: We had some nice times on that couch.

Sena: Now we have a sectional. So much more room for my perverted villain.

Question: So …. Tom …. is he still in the scene/your life?

Sena: Ha. Go for it, baby.

Noah: I am feeling victimized with this interview. I might need twice as much road head. Tom and I own several restaurants now. So, we see him.

Question: Was the friendship with Maxine healed after your car accident?

Sena: Oh, yeah! Soon as I was out of the hospital we had a big talk and cleared the air. I’m besties with both of Noah’s sisters. We gang up on him sometimes when he’s being all grumpy.

Question: For Noah. Favorite heterosexual position?

Noah: The one where I’m inside my wife. Don’t care if it’s upside down, hanging off the side of a building or missionary. Inside her.

Sena: Lion! You make me swoon.

Noah: I make you wet. Don’t fancy it up, baby.

Question: For Sena. Favorite date night?

Sena: I’m gonna sound like a complete sap.

Noah: Fucking perfect, you mean.

Sena: Swooning again, lion.

Noah: She means soaked. Go ahead, answer so we can get out of here.

Sena: We go this ice cream place near where we live and then after Noah’s waited patiently while I’ve tried every flavor we take a walk through the park. It’s just he and I. No kids or work. It’s pretty amazing and so romantic.

Noah: And then……?

Sena: Damn you, you couldn’t let them think it was totally romantic without being mister Pervy McPervert. Then we go home and have wild nasty sex. Sometimes in the butt. Not my butt. There, are you happy?

Noah: Completely, kitten.

Question: What’s the Tom situation? Is he still rubbing feet and being salty?

Sena: I’ll field this one while Noah checks in on Theo. Not gonna lie, things with Tom were salty as fuck for a good while, then you saw how we had a kind of accord the night of the restaurant opening. But we all moved on. He moved on, fell in love, got married. We’re probably never going to be besties. He’s seen my man’s climax face after all, I’m not so modern I can sit across from him and compare notes, but things between us are better now. Noah doesn’t let anyone touch my feet, pity, since Tom was sooo good at it. Don’t tell him.

Question: Sena, have you had to show the sexy queer any…tricks you like in the bedroom that he didn’t know women like?

Sena: Ha. Not a thing. My villain is gifted. Not that he didn’t ask what I liked and made sure I got where I needed to go. When you have a partner you’re deeply, exquisitely in love and lust with, sex is like breathing. He did what felt good. That was always what friends wanted to know, too. I never got that, why it was so interesting. I mean, if I was suddenly into chicks I’d know how to go down on her real nice and use a dildo.

Noah: Go slow, tell that story of you and a woman really detailed, kitten.

Sena: Pervert.

Noah: Yours.

Question: What did you tell your kids about how you two met?

Sena: We’ve always been honest with the kids. They know was Noah gay all his life until I seduced his dick to the straight for me side. We didn’t say that part. But they know we were best friends first. They’ve always grown up knowing the status of love is not always what we’ve been taught to have, and they can love who they want to. Our boy Sage is taking on the queer flag for his dad since I swept his gay ass off the market with all my southern charm. Ha.

Noah: You and your turnip trucks, baby.

Sena: So, so swooning!

Noah: I should check how wet this swoon is…

Question: Sena, what was your first thought about your man declaring his love for you?

Sena: Thank god! And Yay! And can I bang his brains out now? It was every dream and fantasy come to life having the unrequited love returned and I didn’t quite believe it happened for a long time. It was too good to be true and yet it was.

Question: Sena what do you think about the biker men? How do they measure up to your man? [because we know you will meet them all]

Sena: Ha! Firstly, no one is better than my villain, so they don’t measure up to him! But … can I tell them about the visit we took to Colorado for Zara’s wedding?

Noah: When you drooled so much on my shoulder as you stared at them piled into the wedding tent in biker boots and leather that I needed to change my shirt?

Sena: Yes, that. You stared too, Noah! Don’t lie.

Noah: Grinder was easy on the eyes.

Sena: He likes them rugged. And big. We’ve been back quite a few times over the years. The boys loved it growing up. Raene had a giant crush on Preacher’s son, but Sebastian’s attention was always elsewhere.

Noah: Bunny is never dating. We discussed this at the last family meeting.

Sena: Ha. And she batted her baby blues and you caved as always. Sucker.

Question: Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Noah: All the places kitten ever wanted to visit. We took 6 weeks for travel.

Sena: Ugh, and let me tell you, internationally flights with a one month old? Not fun. Not fun at all. Theo was attached to my boob the entire way just to keep him from screaming.

Noah: I should have screamed.

Sena: But we loved Europe, especially Italy. And Scotland was cold and fun. And then we had two weeks in Jamaica in the sun.

Question: Noah we all know your kitten can’t get enough of you. How did you deal with her while she was pregnant!? With all those hormones lord knows she wanted you even more, was it hard (haha) for you to keep up with her.

Noah: That’s easy. I gave her what she wanted. When she wanted. For however long she needed it. My kitten when she was pregnant all four times was ravenous and it was my pleasure … and I mean that … to provide.

Sena: My in-house stud. I’m so lucky.

Noah: You walked into my club, Sena. I’m the lucky one here.

Question: Can we have details on your wedding. Was it big, small, glitzy, sedate?

Noah: Last question. I want to get my wife home.

Sena: It was the most perfect day of my life. We had it at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in the Hampton’s. It was a hot summer day, so it was perfect for an outside ceremony before a sit-down dinner of lobster and pizzas, I kid you not that was our menu. With thirteen different cakes, can you tell what I concentrated on? And then a reception later that night was a lot of dancing and sneaking off to kiss my husband in secluded corners. Of course, I had the exquisite white gown with a train a mile long and a tiara, just call me Princess Tech Doc. And Noah so sexy in his black Tux. I remember walking down the aisle to him and all of our 200 guests all melted away, all I saw was him and that villain smirk I fell in love with. It was everything I’d ever dreamed off marrying not only my best friend but the love of my life.

Dreams come true, girls. Dream big and never dismiss what your heart wants.

Thanks for having us, but the Fierro’s have left the building!

Sena and Noah Fierro. Xoxo.


Taboo Love Duet

Taboo Love Duet – The Writing Process

I’m always nosily fascinated with how writers come up with their ideas, especially those stories that are way out thinking outside of the box. So I thought I’d share a little of the process that went into making Sena and Noah’s world.

To set the scene, I was midway through writing on my MC Romance series, those over the top, bossy, alpha bad-asses The Renegade Souls MC. Grinder and Luxe were busy with kidnappings, Russians and falling in love. When this quirky, sweetly spoken southern girl with her hair tipped bright pink at the ends started talking to me.

Image result for writer desk

This isn’t unusual, and I’m not mad, just a writer who has around 100 different story ideas and character thoughts coming to me daily. I didn’t think much of it and I filed her away in the back of my mind because Grinder was in the middle of being beaten up viciously and the poor boy needed my attention ( It all turned out okay for him btw! )

But then, as the days went on, Sena Black kept coming back to me and coming back. And then she started to tell me about her gay best friend who she was in love with. I knew who his face was instantly. His mannerisms, his stalwart work ethic and his love for this girl came all in a hot rush and boy, was I excited.

Now to preface this with I’d had a tongue-in-cheek conversation with a friend around the same time on the topic of my favorite celebrity // husband in my mind, Wentworth Miller about how it would go if this all the way gay man suddenly fell in love with me ( don’t we all have those conversations with our girlfriends? lol )

So, that conversation was fresh in my mind and add in I had this southern girl talking a mile a minute about her unrequited love and that’s how Sena and Noah began.

I panicked a little, not only was I still writing the biker book, and up until then I’d only concentrated on one book at a time, and even that as a writer knows is hellish at times, so to contemplate adding a second WIP to my writer load it was unfathomably crazy. But I couldn’t stop thinking of their story and weaving the most beautifully connected friendship I possibly could. The premise being could a gay man feel so strong of a bond and have possessive tendencies over his female friend that real sexual attraction grew over time? Could it stem from the friendship first, to have that cemented foundation in place for love to blossom. It was never about settling or him conforming his sexuality. It began and ended with how he felt for his friend. That was my dilemma to make it believable and all through the eyes of the heroine. I don’t make this shit easy on myself!

Three things occurred to me that gave me untold writer anxiety for days.

  1. I reaaalllly wanted to write this story and I was going to write this story.
  2. It was in first POV and I’m most comfortable in third but no matter how I tried to switch it Sena would only come to me in first person.
  3. I knew going in it would only be told from her POV. That all the information I gave about the hero would come from her thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Oh my god.

That was going to be a toughy since I adore writing the male POV. I adore getting into the minds of over the top, possessive, ultra alpha centered male personalities. Not to say I don’t enjoy writing the female side, I do, but the men is where I’m most at home.

As I plotted the story from start to finish for both books, I knew Noah would only have four chapters in total throughout the entire duet and this was done deliberately! Crazy, right? Especially when you consider a romance reader predominantly is attracted first to the hero of any romance saga first. He is the hook. At least, for me as a reader I am super alpha-focused, it’s how my brain works.

I wanted the readers sight and formed opinion of Noah to come from Sena first so they too could experience her doubts and neurotic back and forth on her gay best friend attraction towards her but to also see his formidable pull she’d felt from day one. Sure, it was instant lust, he’s a perfectly put together man, but it was more than that and I needed to show how close they were in such a short time, how over four years their lives were intertwined to the point even outsiders assumed they were a couple.

I loved being in her mind for this section of the books, she was fun and funny and a little crazy and  A LOT doubtful, gosh, even I wanted to hit her at times. I loved walking through her emotions, sometimes it felt like a minefield, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable for a writer, to have this character who isn’t just one thing, she’s a storm of every feeling a woman has ever had when she falls in love. She’s the most in depth heroine I’ve ever written but the most playful and relatable at the same time.

I knew if the story was only told from Sena’s POV that I had to make every word Noah spoke and his every action had to count towards making the reader believe his sexuality was never in question when he declared feelings for his friend. My thought was by the end of the book no one would be expecting to see Noah’s side of the story so the surprise factor was imperative. Because at that stage I wanted to convey Noah’s truth.

A couple of sidebar notes: Noah is and always will be gay. Just because he’s never slept with a woman doesn’t mean he can’t please one in the bedroom. #DoYouKnowWhatImSaying #WinkWinkNudgeNudge #HeGotTheJobDone That grumpy millionaire alpha has skills that even surpassed his own expectations, Ha! What any strong alpha hero madly in love will do is go above and beyond to make his partner happy. Giving Sena pleasure, even that first time in his bed while she was dying a thousand deaths of giddy nerves he knew he had one shot to give her what no other man ever had or could; and that was all of himself.

I hope, if nothing else I showed love comes in many forms. Friendship being a strong contender. The bonds of friendship between any two people can be everlasting, they can be that poignant fixed point in history. A friendship that is instant and constant and goes above and beyond the norm because when love wants to bloom it grows like fire.

Thank you, dear readers, for taking a chance on this romance trope and indulging my girl Sena when she just wouldn’t shut up until I told her story.

V. xoxox




Taboo Love Duet

It Was Always Love -Is LIVE!


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Hiya, babes!

Here’s the final part of Sena and Noah’s story. I hope you loved them as much as I did writing and getting to know their unique connection and you’ve enjoyed reading about a friendship so intense it superseded everything we’ve always known about love and falling in deeply with that one person.

Thank you for choosing the Taboo Love Duet out of all the wonderful romance books that are out there. I truly appreciate every single reader.


Big hugs.

V. xxx