Taboo Love Duet

Forever Love: A Taboo Love Companion – Now Available

Fall for the THE KING of MANHATTAN all over again
★•*☆*•★FOREVER LOVE Companion book out NOW★•*☆*•★

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Noah and Sena Fierro are a decade into their marriage and more in love than ever.
With four boisterous kids and busy careers, it’s not always easy to carve out time for each other. Dive in and watch how your favorite Manhattan couple reconnects their friendship on fire.
The angst is low, but their sparks are hot.

Author note: Forever Love is a 30k companion book to the Taboo Love Duet.
It should not be read as a standalone.
It’s for the fans who craved more from the Manhattan couple and wanted to see them after their HEA.

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Taboo Love Duet

Taboo Love Collection


★•*☆*•★Taboo Love Collection★•*☆*•★

Available on Amazon and KU:
Forever Love: A Taboo Love Companion:

Noah and Sena’s friendship and journey to love will make your heart swoon!
Their boxset collection includes two full-length novels and a brand new, never seen before, 30K words companion book of what happens after their HEA!
Sit back and binge-read their taboo love.

Find inside:
It was Love.
It was always Love.
Forever Love.

Falling in love with your best friend is so cliché and old as time.
I never imagined I’d meet my soulmate.
And not a big deal like Noah Fierro.
He’s the classic type A personality with a side order of brusqueness.
Far too handsome and a magnetism I was swept up in.
And… we’re both into guys.
What if a friendship is so consuming it supersedes conventionality?
We have love.
I’m Sena Black, and is he… Straight-for-me?

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From Manhattan

The Fierro clan

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The Fierro DAUGHTER will be here SOON.
Catch up with the family while you wait.

Meet Sena and Noah – Friends to Lovers – Straight for you – Needy kisses.
It Was Love:
It Was Always Love:

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Manhattan Secret – Teacher/Student forbidden romance with a younger, ultra confident hero. Meet Lachlan and Delaney:

Manhattan Tormentor – Bully-lite, gay for you romance. Meet Sage and Finn:

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Taboo Love Duet

Last days to grab a Sale

I’ve fallen in love with one woman my whole life.
I’ve been attracted to one woman my whole life.
To the point of madness for both emotions.
When I told Sena I can’t get enough of her, I mean it.
It’s not because she’s giving me a child.
Not only that. It’s a small part of it.
She’s more radiant now than she’s ever been, and I long to be with her in a way I’ve never felt with any partner or lover before.
Everyone that came before her was a passing fancy at best.
Sena is vital. She’s everything. Everything.
It’s strange that I can be so incredibly hungry for something I’ve had no inkling to needing before.
But it’s there. It’s real and the craving for my kitten only worsens by the day.
She’s mine or at least I’m trying to make it so.
I’ll lie, cheat, and steal if I must, if that’s my only option of keeping her.
I’ll drop every single person in my life as though they never mattered to me if it means her happiness. I can’t—and I won’t even put the option of losing her in my mind because if I do, it’ll fucking unhinge me.
I don’t understand why suddenly my heart belongs to her. But it does and I’m not questioning it.
She has it and I don’t want it back.

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Taboo Love Duet

Taboo Love Duet Makeover

If you’ve read Manhattan Storm, then you’ll know Theo’s parents are Noah and Sena. Long before those Fierro kids were even a twinkle in Noah’s eyes, these two were best friends…and then they were more.

I’ve given the Duet a makeover inside and out! Nothing has changed with the story, just spruced it up a little and now it’s ON SALE!! You can grab the completed duet, two full novels, for 0.99 EACH!!!

(If you own the previous novels, you can also update them on Kindle them without spending a penny)

See the beginning to those Fierro’s. Unrequited love was no fun for Sena when she longed for her gay best friend… but is Noah….. straight for her?

Friendship set on Fire.
When Soulmates supersede sexuality.

It was Love: 
It was always Love: