Renegade Souls MC

The MC Prez and his Queen are back!

No one loves like the OG’s love. ❤ – Rider and Zara are back!!

Not a standalone. To better appreciate the romances, always read the series in order.

This will be a Live Release. No pre-order. COMING SOON.
Brand new to those dirty bikers? No problem. Catch up, starting with their boxset volume 1-3

Add Forever Zara to your TBR:

Zara and her bad biker-man, Rider, had come a long way since that fateful night when he pulled her from a nightmare.

They’ve built an impenetrable life together.
Raising their kids.
And working side-by-side to make the Renegade Souls MC into aconglomerate to be reckoned with.
Their love is epic.
It’s bigger than anything she’s ever felt before.
Their wedding day is finally here.
And a past that isn’t as dead as they thought.

She’s Queen to a one-percenter. No longer a scared woman.
And she has the power of a revered Prez at her back.
Rider will do anything for her.
It’s how epic loves are.

Heads up: This isn’t a standalone novella. It’s a Rider and Zara revisit and it contains lots of pre-marital sexy-times with a Prez who worships his old lady. Also there’s some murders. How much do you love wedding cake?

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