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Forever Zara – OUT NOW

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Forever Zara novella is now available, loves!
Hope you enjoy a revisit with the prez and his Icy girl.
Not a standalone. It’s part of the Renegade Souls MC series and best read in order.

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Series: Book 9.5 – Renegade Souls MC Series.Genre: MC Romance – Contemporary Romance.

Heads up: This isn’t a standalone novella. It’s a Rider and Zara revisit and it contains lots of pre-marital sexy-times with a Prez who worships his old lady. Also there’s some murders. How much do you love wedding cake?

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You are cordially invited

May be an image of food, flower and text that says "TOGETHER WITH THEIR FAMILIES Redar Maeinos AND Zarafrenge REQUEST THE HONOR OF YOUR PRESENCE AT THEIR WEDDING FEBRUARY 20 Saturday 4 PM GRAND SEASONS HOTEL DENVER, COLORADO Reception to follow"

Book 9.5FOREVER ZARA. A Renegade Souls MC (big) novella.
Going right back to the beginning with our Prez and his Icy-girl.
They finally get their wedding you’ve all been waiting for and it deserved its own book.
But is anything ever plain sailing in an outlaw’s life?

— It was a JOY to be fully focused on the Prez and Zara again.
This one is packed so full of love and shows how their relationship has matured over the years.
I hope you’re excited too! — Coming at the end of February. Look out for the Live Release.

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The MC Prez and his Queen are back!

No one loves like the OG’s love. ❤ – Rider and Zara are back!!

Not a standalone. To better appreciate the romances, always read the series in order.

This will be a Live Release. No pre-order. COMING SOON.
Brand new to those dirty bikers? No problem. Catch up, starting with their boxset volume 1-3

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Zara and her bad biker-man, Rider, had come a long way since that fateful night when he pulled her from a nightmare.

They’ve built an impenetrable life together.
Raising their kids.
And working side-by-side to make the Renegade Souls MC into aconglomerate to be reckoned with.
Their love is epic.
It’s bigger than anything she’s ever felt before.
Their wedding day is finally here.
And a past that isn’t as dead as they thought.

She’s Queen to a one-percenter. No longer a scared woman.
And she has the power of a revered Prez at her back.
Rider will do anything for her.
It’s how epic loves are.

Heads up: This isn’t a standalone novella. It’s a Rider and Zara revisit and it contains lots of pre-marital sexy-times with a Prez who worships his old lady. Also there’s some murders. How much do you love wedding cake?

May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, book and text that says ""MINE." "I've always been yours, biker-man." OREVE zara RENEGADE SOULS REGADELL MC NOVELLA V. THEIA FOREVER ZARA renegade souls m novel a"

Law Maker – Available Now

You’ve been waiting for him…
It’s Lawless time! Who’s ready to get inside the mind of this psycho MC enforcer?

This novella has been a long time coming. A lot of things had to be in place within the Renegade Souls series and now it’s finally here and you can learn some of Lawless’ secrets! I hope you enjoy this first look into the life and mind of a man who takes care of cats and knows how to wait.

You can grab it on e-book, paperback and in KU right now.

– Not a standalone.

“No one needed a monster puppeteer.
Not a headcase like Lawless.
Some fish needed to be free … to swim in their own pond and to find a life worth living.”

What you can expect from Law Maker:
💀Bringer of death.
💀Planner of plans.
💀Tamer of cats.
💀Boiler room shenanigans
💀A crime boss in good suits.
💀Bad fish.
💀Pop Tart King

💀Lawless being his majestic self.

Series: Book 7.5 – Renegade Souls MC Series.
Genre: MC Romance – Contemporary Romance.
Trope: ☆Diary of a psycho ☆Biker dirtiness ☆Prison genius

Then hold on tight, #LetsGoFish

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Renegade Souls MC

Teaser Tuesday – Law Maker

“I’m not sure what you’re asking me here, Lawless,” Danny had an edge of seriousness crackling his voice.
Lawless wasn’t a secret sharer.
He didn’t need to spill his guts.
Or atone for his actions.
He did what he did and he always went into things with his eyes wide open.
He didn’t have a conscience.
Not so much.
Not like the normal folk, because he had reasons for everything.
Even psychos thought they were sane in their own mind, so how was he to know, huh?

Remember the Danny Murphy favor? 👀
Law Maker is coming is just over a WEEK!!
Preorder your psycho today: