From Manhattan

Fall in love with a Fierro brother


Sage and Finn will be here very soon. If you’re new to the Fierro family, now is the time to spend some time with these gorgeous boys.

Manhattan StormKind of sportsball second chance romance. Meet Theo and Bexley:

Manhattan SecretTeacher/Student forbidden romance with a younger, ultra confident hero. Meet Lachlan and Delaney:

Manhattan Tormentor Bully-lite, gay for you romance. Meet Sage and Finn by Pre-ordering their book:



From Manhattan

SALE – Last few hours!

It’s the last chance to meet Theo and Lachlan Fierro with their sale price!


Two brothers – two greatest loves.

About Manhattan Storm:
★Kind of sportsball with a second chance love.

Second chance love with a surprise trope too.
Double the grovel.
Bath shenanigans.
Tight football pants but not a sportsball romance.
Milkshakes (that brings one boy to her yard)
Possessive – protective – dreamy hero.
Prickly – shy – sacrificing heroine who loves a king.

Have you met the Fierro brothers?
Grab both new adult college books for under 2 bucks!
The perfect antidote for any quarantine.

About Manhattan Secret:
★Younger hero who is all man and a cocky genius and has a taste for a teacher.
★Buys food. Makes coffee. Gives her the good D.
★ Possessive, jealous tendencies and pursuer of his woman.
★ Hot bathroom shenanigans
★ Criminally vengeful. – don’t cross the Fierro boy.

Four reasons why getting involved with Lachlan Fierro is about the baddest of all bad ideas, ever.
1. He’s seven years younger than me.
2. He’s far too cocky and intimidating.
3. I’m inexplicably attracted to every inch of his confident smirk.
4. I’m his teacher.

Teacher/Student plus age-gap romance without any ick factor.
Sometimes a man-boy just has to go after his future without reservation.


From Manhattan

Fierro brothers SALE!

If you’re new to the From Manhattan series why not dive in with these two brothers!
If you’ve read Taboo Love Duet, you’ll know they’re the oldest two kids of Sena and Noah. Their books are complete standalones if you haven’t read the duet yet.

The Fierro brother’s SALE!
2 books for less than 2 bucks!
Curl up and isolate with these New Adult book boyfriends.

★Kinda sportsball with a surprise second chance romance
with a sweet QB and a prickly artist who keeps a massive secret.
Manhattan Storm: ButtonZon

★Teacher/student with a younger alpha hero romance who uses
his over confident personality to win the girl of his dreams.
Manhattan Secret: ButtonZon



From Manhattan

Manhattan Storm – Available Now

Eep! I can’t believe the first of the four Fierro cubs is released TODAY! When I added that deleted scene of Sena and Noah’s kids in the back of It Was Always Love, it was only meant as a little extra treat. I didn’t intend to write their books, until their stories started to unfold in my head and I had to wait a whole year before I could put those romances down on the page. Now two are written and you can read Theo Fierro right now. I will say, each book is some of my favorite tropes, so I was super excited to get the chance to write them.

I love those Fierro’s so much. For how close of a family they are but also for the way they love their significant others with everything they have, no matter what obstacles get in their way. I hope you enjoy Theo and Bexley, loves, as much as I did. Let me know if you did!

There’s more Fierro’s to come ( Lachlan is next )


What you need to know about Manhattan Storm

Second chance love with a surprise trope too
Double the grovel
Bath shenanigans
Tight football pants but not a sportsball romance
Milkshakes (that brings one boy to her yard)
Possessive – protective – dreamy hero
Prickly – shy – sacrificing heroine who loves a king