From Manhattan

Manhattan Storm – Available Now

Eep! I can’t believe the first of the four Fierro cubs is released TODAY! When I added that deleted scene of Sena and Noah’s kids in the back of It Was Always Love, it was only meant as a little extra treat. I didn’t intend to write their books, until their stories started to unfold in my head and I had to wait a whole year before I could put those romances down on the page. Now two are written and you can read Theo Fierro right now. I will say, each book is some of my favorite tropes, so I was super excited to get the chance to write them.

I love those Fierro’s so much. For how close of a family they are but also for the way they love their significant others with everything they have, no matter what obstacles get in their way. I hope you enjoy Theo and Bexley, loves, as much as I did. Let me know if you did!

There’s more Fierro’s to come ( Lachlan is next )


What you need to know about Manhattan Storm

Second chance love with a surprise trope too
Double the grovel
Bath shenanigans
Tight football pants but not a sportsball romance
Milkshakes (that brings one boy to her yard)
Possessive – protective – dreamy hero
Prickly – shy – sacrificing heroine who loves a king


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