Renegade Souls MC


A tiny snippet from a chapter of the upcoming DIRTY SALVATION. When a biker falls for a really GOOD girl.


With lightning speed she grabbed a package of Clorox wipes from where they were kept beneath the sink, wiping the chrome colored counter from one end to the end with vigorous frantic motions, her head going to the door every few seconds, making sure to give it an extra scrub over by the toaster.That poor abused toaster.
She heard Rider chuckle and she sent him a vicious glare. How was he so calm right now leaning up against the table, bare feet crossed, jeans zipped but not buttoned?
Sexy as a God.
A chest so wide it would take her a week to cross it with kisses. When she watched him lick the corner of his mouth her belly clenched over the dangerous sexuality of the gesture.
Smugness all over his face.
The moment of staring went on forever.
“What the fuck you doin’, Icy?”
“What does it look like! We just had sex on this counter!” As if it explained. Duh. Her voice was hushed, desperate to finish wiping it down before anyone came in, saw her red face and guessed exactly what Rider had wanted for his breakfast
“I know. I was there. And?”
My god he was dense. “People eat here. I don’t want them to have my —”
“Your sweet fuckin’ juices” he supplied for her when he saw she was struggling. His lips twitched amused.

“Ugh!” she kept scrubbing as he laughed until the countertops gleamed her reflection.
Rider caught her around the waist, drawing her into his body, her arm instinctively wrapped around his waist, snuggling in, hiding her face. She grew shy after sex, as though the orgasms allowed her hedonistic side to be as wild and noisy as she liked, but retreated once the pleasure waned.
It made it equally worse when Rider never once showed the same signs. He was long and loose, his body so warm she could have burrowed there for a while, and he didn’t care when his brothers began piling into the kitchen seemingly not caring their president was there half naked with his half naked girl either, his eyes were just for her.
She turned her face into his chest really wanting to escape.
“Hey.” he used a finger to tip up her chin. Meeting his gaze, she was punched with feelings, “you were fuckin’ beautiful, Icy.” He spoke for her ears only, and kissed her once, twice, and then deeper, she fell into it by opening her lips, stroking his tongue until —-
“Yo, Prez, if we’re getting a show at least wait until I make my bacon and can get comfortable, I mean she got some pipes on her, we all just heard, so we gotta have snacks for this.”

Rider laughed but told Preacher to shut his fucking mouth. Zara used the moment to escape back to her room. Red as a cherry tomato.
He thought she was beautiful. Feminists would mutiny, but she thought it was the nicest thing she’d ever heard.
Their lives might run in opposing directions, but with sex, they were on the same page, the same sentence every time.
It’s the deepest of heavens
She smiled for the rest of the day.

Copyright © 2017 V. Theia. All rights reserved.

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