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PREACHER MAN : Soundtrack

I wish I could be that writer who has complex music playlists that make absolute sense to each story. I’m not that organised, I listened to anything and everything while I wrote Dirty Salvation. I joked that I listened to Build me up Buttercup while I wrote that murder scene, and while I probably didn’t listen to that exact song, it wouldn’t have been far wrong from something dance-poppy and very un-murdery-muse like. I’ve never needed that muse of background noise to inspire the words.

But, having said that, two songs have stood out throughout the process of Preacher Man, and I kept coming back to them time and again as I wrote the more relationship driven scenes that just fit my two leads from the tone and the lyrics, so I thought for those who do love music to go along with their books, I would share the two songs.

They should hopefully make a lot of sense when you read Preacher and Ruby.

Maroon 5 – It was Always You.

Julia Michaels – Issues.


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