Renegade Souls MC

One click Pastor Danny Murphy

There’s a Renegade Souls MC novella coming on October 24.

How does the good pastor’s life collide with those notorious outlaws?

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“Danny…” she whispered.
It was all she managed.
Pleading him.
Begging with her heart clawed open.
He crushed her mouth and absolutely consumed her.
One moment her mouth was free and single, happily minding its own business, the next it was robbed and taken hostage by a pair of lips God himself drew with charcoal and sex appeal.
Their mouths ravaged harder.

Danny the vibrant aggressor now, with Aoife struggling to adapt to his hunger.
Oh, Danny-boy, it’s so good, she about fell over from the want of him.
Loving it. Figuring out new ways to receive his tongue, stroke it, keep it forever.
She couldn’t get her mouth open wide enough.
More. Need. Need.

His kiss was always a thing of sexual hunger and she’d been starved of the taste.
If this was her one chance, then she was taking it.
Timing, place or circumstances be damned.

She wanted him more than she ever had and for the first time in a very long time … she was awake in her own body.
She was feeling every sensation in such technicolor, it was like regaining her sight.
She whimpered and clawed at him to never set her mouth free.
Breathing was for fools. She had Danny Murphy’s perfect lips again. If she were to die, she would do it happy and content.

In the sexiest move of all time, he pinned Aoife with his slim hips and whipped the T-shirt over his head in one of the hottest moves she’d ever seen, discarded it without care, baring his rough-hewn body. God, it was so hot, heat went straight to her poor neglected clit, informing the flesh that her love was so near, making her whimper without shame as she reached for him.

She needed to touch Danny, to make sure this wasn’t one of her most lucid dreams that plagued her constantly, offering her snippets of what she’d tossed away.

He wrenched away leaving her bereft and empty. Fists to the wall, his ragged breath in her face. The moment was broken and she had the urge to cry.
His eyes burned through her clothes until she felt the whisper touch of his fingers he would draw over her stomach once their lovemaking was finished a long time ago.

“I only ever wanted you, Danny,” she whispered.

“I can still taste when you lie, Aoife. There’s nothing about you I don’t know … except that’s not right now is it? Seven years of things I don’t know.”

Copyright © 2017 – 2019 V. Theia. All rights reserved.


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