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“Making you happy is going to be my only mission in life. I love the club, my brothers, and the work we do, but you, Lucia, you’re the one who makes me live again. You have no idea what you did by calling me for help. It opened Pandora’s Box. I wanna fucking eat the pleasure out of you. Devour your screams, rock you to sleep and bring you food. Take you on dates, and make sure you feel me in your stomach all day after I’ve fucked you the night before, until I can get home to you and start again. Making my woman feel good, dios. My whole fucking world, you get it now? How hard I’ve locked all this up for years, and now it’s open, and you have to take it, Lucia. You’re going to have to accept me being a wild fucking man for you. It’s the way it will be for a long time. I want to wake every morning with you hulk-pinning me to the bed like you think I might escape.” 

She huffed with amusement, “well, you might, a girl has to make contingency plans.” 

“Never, nena. I’m right where I want to be. I don’t deserve a second chance, but I’m taking it because I’m a selfish prick, and I will use any means I can to make you mine.”

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