Taboo Love Duet

It Was Always Love – Blurb and Pre-order

Dying to know what happens with Sena and Noah?  It Was Always Love is released April 12! Find out the conclusion to the Taboo Duet.

And for a Limit Time Only for 99 pennies!

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♡Today’s love doesn’t always have to look like yesterday’s love ♡

Love is blind.

And the universe hates me.

Serious fricking hate.

To catch you up; Southern girl falls for extremely wealthy and gorgeous gay.

We became besties.

Then in an epic plot twist my gay… caught feelings for me.

Unbelievable, right?

I should have known I was deluding myself.

Now I’m left broken.

Only, Noah tells me it wasn’t a lie.

Can I believe the happily ever after he promises?

It’s not only me to convince … but everyone else.

I’m Sena Black and is he still …. Straight-for-me?


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